This Anime Trailer for “Blade Runner” Looks Better Than the Movie

Gavin Rotheryreleased posted Chris Kessler’s final cut of his awesome-looking Blade Runner: Anime trailer. Dare I say it looks better than the film…? ;)

10 thoughts on “This Anime Trailer for “Blade Runner” Looks Better Than the Movie”

  1. The problem I have with all anime is that the faces are always frozen. Only the mouth moves. There’s no expression and, using stock anime character/facial templates, no character. Pass.

  2. john i have big respect for you, but this is a bad comparision. they should have done it gits 2innocence parade scene style, that would impress me.i wonder why there was never a full movie of that quality?

  3. while entertaining, the excessive echoing repetitions of dialog bits did it in for me. couldn’t watch past the halfway point. why is that audio technique a ‘thing’? it needs to stop
    to stop
    to stop

  4. huh?

    I get the Blade Runner hate and the Ridley Scott hate and they “why the hell is there a unicorn in this movie” hate.

    But come on. Visually Blade Runner is one of the few scifi films that have held up special effects wise from the 80s.

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