The Condensed Version of “Spock’s Brain” is Better Than the Original

“Spock’s Brain” is widely believed to be the worst episode of the original Star Trek ever. One would think that a condensed version could only be better. One would be right.

3 thoughts on “The Condensed Version of “Spock’s Brain” is Better Than the Original”

  1. Not a good episode by any stretch but not the worst. “And the Children Shall Lead” is pretty much crap including the overacting of the “Angel” during his transformation (which seems more like something out of an Ed Wood film). I would put “Elana of Troius” up there as well because Shatner is so disgustingly smarmy that his womanizing is clearly sexual harassment.

  2. The thing with And the Children Shall Lead is that it’s an in joke. The dramatically untalented angel is played by Melvin Belli, a well known LA lawyer, so the episode acquired a certain cult panache among his admirers (and opponents!).

    My vote for all time wort would have to be Omega Glory. I cringe just hearing the name.

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