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April Releases in Comics and Graphic Novels

“You got your comics in my genre books!” said some readers in previous forthcoming book roundups. So here’s another post with only the comics and graphic novels (and related) coming out this month.

  1. Zenith: Phase 3 by Grant Morrison (2000 AD)
  2. Crimson Society TP by Mike Hunau (Action Lab Entertainment)

  1. Herald: History in the Making TP by John Reilly (Action Lab Entertainment)
  2. Fight Like A Girl: Learning Curve TP by David Pinckney (Action Lab Entertainment)
  1. Double Jumpers Volume 1: Danger Zone by Dave Dwonch (Action Lab Entertainment)
  2. Ehmm Theory: Everything and Small Doses Volume 2 TP by Brockton McKinney (Action Lab Entertainment)
  1. Fracture Volume 1: Altered Egos by Shawn Gabborin (Action Lab Entertainment)
  2. FUBAR: By the Sword by Chuck Dixon (Alterna Comics)
  1. Gunnerkrigg Court Vol. 1 Orientation by Thomas Siddell (Archaia)
  2. Max Brooks Extinction Parade Volume 2 TP: War by Max Brooks (Avatar Press)
  1. Lumberjanes Vol. 1 by Noelle Stevenson (BOOM! Box)
  2. RUSH’s Clockwork Angels: The Graphic Novel by Neil Peart (BOOM! Studios)
  1. Evil Empire Vol. 1 by (BOOM! Studios)
  2. Deep State Vol. 1 by Justin Jordan (BOOM! Studios)
  1. Translucid by Claudio Sanchez (BOOM! Studios)
  2. Encounters: Kenya (Vol. 2) by LEO (Cinebook, Ltd)
  1. Astro City: Family Album (Kurt Busiek’s Astro City) by Kurt Busiek (DC Comics)
  2. The Flash: A Celebration of 75 years by Gardner Fox (DC Comics)
  1. Injustice: Gods Among Us: Year Two Vol. 2 (Injustice: Gods Among Us Year 2) by Tom Taylor (DC Comics)
  2. Harley Quinn Vol. 2: Power Outage (The New 52) by Amanda Conner (DC Comics)
  1. Orion by Walter Simonson Omnibus by Walter Simonson (DC Comics)
  2. Batman Adventures: Mad Love Deluxe Edition by Paul Dini (DC Comics)
  1. Wonder Woman Vol. 6: Bones (The New 52) by Brian Azzarello (DC Comics)
  2. Shazam!: A Celebration of 75 Years by Bill Parker (DC Comics)
  1. Absolute Green Arrow by Kevin Smith by Kevin Smith (DC Comics)
  2. Batman ’66 Vol. 3 by Jeff Parker (DC Comics)
  1. Earth 2 Vol. 5: The Kryptonian (The New 52) by Tom Taylor (DC Comics)
  2. New Teen Titans Vol. 2 by Marv Wolfman (DC Comics)
  1. Deathstroke Vol. 1: Gods of Wars (The New 52) by Tony Daniel (DC Comics)
  2. Wonder Woman Vol. 5: Flesh (The New 52) by Brian Azzarello (DC Comics)
  1. Deathstroke: The Terminator Vol. 1: Assassins by Marv Wolfman (DC Comics)
  2. Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman Vol. 1 by Gail Simone (DC Comics)
  1. Batman Arkham: Riddler by Gardner Fox (DC Comics)
  2. Justice League 3000 Vol. 2: The Camelot War (The New 52) (Jla (Justice League of America)) by Keith Giffen (DC Comics)
  1. Injustice: Gods Among Us: Year Two Vol. 1 (Injustice: Gods Among Us Year 2) by Tom Taylor (DC Comics)
  2. Harley Quinn Vol. 1: Hot in the City (The New 52) (Harley Quinn (Numbered)) by Jimmy Palmiotti (DC Comics)
  1. DC Comics: Zero Year (The New 52) by Scott Snyder (DC Comics)
  2. Earth 2 Vol. 4: The Dark Age (The New 52) by Tom Taylor (DC Comics)
  1. Batman ’66 Vol. 2 by Jeff Parker (DC Comics)
  2. Deadshot: Bulletproof by Christos N. Gage (DC Comics)
  1. Astro City The Dark Ages Vol. 1 (Kurt Busiek’s Astro City) by Kurt Busiek (DC Comics)
  2. Mortal Kombat X by Shawn Kittelsen (DC Comics)
  1. Redemption (The Many Deaths of Dynamistress) by Dinah Geof-Craigs (DGC Press)
  2. Buffy: Season Ten Volume 2 – I Wish (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) by Christos Gage (Dark Horse Books)
  1. Witchfinder Volume 3 The Mysteries of Unland by Maura McHugh (Dark Horse Books)
  2. B.P.R.D: Plague of Frogs Volume 3 by Mike Mignola (Dark Horse Books)
  1. Return of the Gremlins by Mike Richardson (Dark Horse Books)
  2. Elfquest: The Final Quest Volume 1 by Wendy Pini (Dark Horse Books)
  1. Brody’s Ghost Volume 6 by Mark Crilley (Dark Horse Books)
  2. Groo vs. Conan by Sergio Aragones (Dark Horse Books)
  1. Dark Ages by Dan Abnett (Dark Horse Books)
  2. Prometheus: Fire and Stone by Paul Tobin (Dark Horse Books)
  1. Terminator Salvation: Final Battle Volume 2 by J. Michael Straczynski (Dark Horse Books)
  2. Pop by Curt Pires (Dark Horse Books)
  1. Empowered Unchained Volume 1 by Adam Warren (Dark Horse Books)
  2. Girlfiend by Pander Brothers (Dark Horse Originals)
  1. Vampirella Archives Volume 11 HC by Cary Bates (Dynamite Entertainment)
  2. Army of Darkness: Ash Gets Hitched by Steve Niles (Dynamite Entertainment)
  1. Warlord of Mars: Dejah Thoris Volume 7 – Duel to the Death by Robert Place Napton (Dynamite Entertainment)
  2. Peter Cannon: Thunderbolt Omnibus by Ardian Syaf (Dynamite Entertainment)
  1. The Shadow: Year One by Matt Wagner (Dynamite Entertainment)
  2. The Twilight Zone Volume 3: The Way Back by Guiu Vilanova (Dynamite Entertainment)
  1. The EC Comics Slipcase Volume 2 by Al Feldstein (Fantagraphics)
  2. Wormwood: Gentleman Corpse – The First Few Pints by Ben Templesmith (IDW Publishing)
  1. Rot & Ruin: Warrior Smart by Jonathan Maberry (IDW Publishing)
  2. Deadlands: Dead Man’s Hand by Jeff Mariotte (IDW Publishing)
  1. The Crow Omnibus Volume 1 by Alexander Maleev (IDW Publishing)
  2. The Army of Doctor Moreau by Carl Sciacchitano (IDW Publishing)
  1. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The IDW Collection Volume 1 by (IDW Publishing)
  2. Star Trek: Gold Key Archives Volume 3 by Len Wein (IDW Publishing)
  1. Wild Blue Yonder by Zach Howard (IDW Publishing)
  2. Star Trek Volume 9: The Q Gambit by Mike Johnson (IDW Publishing)
  1. G.I. JOE: A Real American Hero Volume 11 by Larry Hama (IDW Publishing)
  2. Transformers: Spotlight Omnibus Volume 1 by M. D. Bright (IDW Publishing)
  1. 7th Sword by Nelson, II Blake (IDW Publishing)
  2. Rogue Trooper Classics by Gerry Finley-Day (IDW Publishing)
  1. Anti-Hero by Jay Faerber (IDW Publishing)
  2. T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents Classics Volume 5 by Paul Reinman (IDW Publishing)
  1. Morning Glories Volume 8 TP by Nick Spencer (Image Comics)
  2. Spread Volume 1: No Hope by Kyle Strahm (Image Comics)
  1. Big Hard Sex Criminals by Chip Zdarsky (Image Comics)
  2. Wayward Volume 1: String Theory by Jim Zubkavich (Image Comics)
  1. Sinergy by Michael Avon Oeming (Image Comics)
  2. Punks: the Comic Volume 1 by Joshua Hale Fialkov (Image Comics)
  1. Low Volume 1: The Delirium of Hope by Rick Remender (Image Comics)
  2. Roche Limit Volume 1 by Michael Moreci and Vic Malhotra (Image Comics)
  1. Elephantmen 2260 Volume 2: The Red Queen by Axel Medellin (Image Comics)
  2. Superannuated Man TP by Ted McKeever (Image Comics)
  1. Cyber Force: Rebirth Volume 2 TP by Marco Turini (Image Comics)
  2. Jupiter’s Legacy Volume 1 by Mark Millar (Image Comics)
  1. Sex Volume 3: Broken Toys by Joe Casey (Image Comics)
  2. Imperial by Steven T. Seagle (Image Comics)
  1. Sheltered Volume 3 by (Image Comics)
  2. The World According to Thor (Insight Legends) by Marc Sumerak (Insight Editions)
  1. The World According to Iron Man (Insight Legends) by Larry Hama (Insight Editions)
  2. DC Comics – The New 52: The Poster Collection by (Insight Editions)
  1. Mighty Star: and the Castle of the Cancatervater by A. Degen (Koyama Press)
  2. A Town Called Dragon by Judd Winick (Legendary Comics)
  1. Castles (Just Cause Universe Book 7) by Ian Thomas Healy (Local Hero Press, LLC)
  2. RE*PRO*DUCT HC VOL 1 by Austin Wilson (Magnetic Press)
  1. Once Upon a Time: Out of the Past by Kalinda Vazquez (Marvel)
  2. Star Wars Legends Epic Collection: The Empire Volume 1 (Epic Collection: Star Wars) by John Ostrander (Marvel)
  1. Miracleman Book 3: Olympus by The Original Writer (Marvel)
  2. Superior Spider-Man Volume 3 by Dan Slott (Marvel)
  1. Avengers by Kurt Busiek & George Perez Omnibus Volume 1 by Kurt Busiek (Marvel)
  2. Uncanny X-Men Volume 5: The Omega Mutant by Brian Michael Bendis (Marvel)
  1. New Avengers by Jonathan Hickman Volume 1 by Jonathan Hickman (Marvel)
  2. Avengers by Jonathan Hickman Volume 1 (New Avengers) by Jonathan Hickman (Marvel)
  1. Avengers: Everybody Wants to Rule the World Prose Novel by Dan Abnett (Marvel)
  2. Marvel Masterworks: The Avengers Volume 15 by Steve Englehart (Marvel)
  1. Avengers: The Vibranium Collection by Stan Lee (Marvel)
  2. Ms. Marvel Volume 2: Generation Why by G. Willow Wilson (Marvel)
  1. Captain Marvel Volume 2: Stay Fly by Kelly Sue Deconnick (Marvel)
  2. Inhuman Volume 2: Axis by Charles Soule (Marvel)
  1. Moon Knight Volume 2: Blackout by Brian Wood (Marvel)
  2. All-New X-Factor Volume 3: Axis by Peter David (Marvel)
  1. Hulk Volume 2: Omega Hulk Book 1 by Gerry Duggan (Marvel)
  2. Hawkeye: Avenging Archer by Jim McCann (Marvel)
  1. Avengers: Scarlet Witch by Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning by Dan Abnett (Marvel)
  2. Avengers: Ultron Unbound by Roy Thomas (Marvel)
  1. Marvel Universe All-New Avengers Assemble Volume 1 (Marvel Adventures/Marvel Universe) by Joe Caramagna (Marvel)
  2. Uncanny X-Men Vol. 5: The Omega Mutant by Brian Michael Bendis (Marvel)
  1. Inhuman Vol. 2: Axis by Charles Soule (Marvel)
  2. Captain Marvel Vol. 2: Stay Fly by Kelly Sue DeConnick (Marvel)
  1. Hulk Vol. 2: Omega Hulk Book 1 by Gerry Duggan (Marvel)
  2. Moon Knight Vol. 2: Dead Will Rise by Brian Wood (Marvel)
  1. Class, Please Open Your Comics: Essays on Teaching With Graphic Narratives by Matthew L. Miller (Mcfarland & Co Inc Pub)
  2. 101 Outstanding Graphic Novels by Stephen Weiner (NBM Publishing)
  1. Justice Is Nocturnal by F Lee (New Paradigm Studios)
  2. The Sixth Gun Volume 2 Deluxe Edition HC by Cullen Bunn (Oni Press)
  1. Scott Pilgrim Color Hardcover Volume 6: Finest Hour by Bryan Lee O’Malley (Oni Press)
  2. Avengers West Coast: Vision Quest (Marvel Pocketbooks) by Byrne John (Panini Books)
  1. Daredevil: Marked for Murder (Marvel Pocketbooks) by Frank Miller (Panini Books)
  2. Uncanny X-Men: The Asgardian War (Marvel Pocketbooks) by Chris Claremont (Panini Books)
  1. Vampirate of Matanzas Inlet (Flagler’s Few, Ghost Hunters) by Andre R. Frattino (Pineapple Press)
  2. The Michael Moorcock Library Vol.1: Elric of Melnibone by Roy Thomas (Titan Comics)
  1. World War X: Volume 1: Helius by Jerry Frissen (Titan Comics)
  2. Nemo: River of Ghosts by Alan Moore, Kevin O’Neal (Top Shelf Productions)
  1. True Swamp: Book 2 by Jon Lewis (Uncivilized Books)
  2. The Death-Defying Dr. Mirage TP by Jen Van Meter (Valiant Entertainment, LLC)
  1. Bloodshot Volume 6: The Glitch and Other Tales by Howard Chaykin (Valiant Entertainment, LLC)
  2. Q2: The Return of Quantum and Woody Deluxe HC by Christopher Priest (Valiant Entertainment, LLC)
  1. The Filth Deluxe Edition by Grant Morrison (Vertigo)
  2. Top 10 by Alan Moore (Vertigo)
  1. Astro City: The Dark Age Book One by Kurt Busiek (Vertigo)
  2. Grimm Fairy Tales vs. Wonderland by Luca Claretti (Zenescope)
  1. Wonderland Volume 6 by (Zenescope)

Also released this month (covers unavailable at the time of post creation):

  1. Loki: Agent of Asgard Volume 2: I Cannot Tell a Lie by Al Ewing (Marvel)
  2. Runaways: The Complete Collection Volume 3 by Brian K. Vaughan (Marvel)
  3. She-Hulk Volume 2: Disorderly Conduct by Charles Soule (Marvel)
  4. Amazing Spider-Man Epic Collection: Robin Bound by David Michelinie (Marvel)
  5. Secret Avengers Volume 2: The Labyrinth by Ales Kot (Marvel)
  6. Deadpool Classic Companion by Fabian Nicieza (Marvel)
  7. Iron Fist: The Return of K’un Lun by James Felder (Marvel)
  8. Weirdworld by Doug Moench (Marvel)
  9. Fantastic Four Volume 3: Back in Blue by James Robinson (Marvel)
  10. Skull the Slayer by Marv Wolfman (Marvel)
  11. Nova Volume 5: Axis by Gerry Duggan (Marvel)
  12. Wolverine: Origin II by Kieron Gillen (Marvel)
  13. Captain America Volume 4: The Iron Nail (Marvel Now) by Rick Remender (Marvel)
  14. Savage Hulk Volume 2: The Infinity Con by Corinna Bechko (Marvel)
  15. Marvel Universe Ultimate Spider-Man: Web Warriors Volume 1 (Marvel Adventures/Marvel Universe Spider-Man) by Joe Caramagna (Marvel)
  16. Skrulls Must Die!: The Complete Skrull Kill Krew by Grant Morrison (Marvel)
  17. Amazing Spider-Man Epic Collection: Round Robin by David Michelinie (Marvel)
  18. She-Hulk Vol. 2: Disorderly Conduct by Charles Soule (Marvel)
  19. All-New X-Factor Vol. 3: Axis by Peter David (Marvel)
  20. Loki: Agent of Asgard Vol. 2 – I Cannot Tell A Lie (Loki Agent of Asgard) by Al Ewing (Marvel)
  21. Iron Fist: The Return of K’Un Lun by James Felder (Marvel)
  22. Nova Vol. 5: Axis by Gerry Duggan (Marvel)
  23. Fantastic Four Vol. 3: Back in Blue by James Robinson (Marvel)
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