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The SF Signal Podcast (Episode 294): Queers Destroy Science Fiction

SF Signal Podcast

In episode 294 of the SF Signal Podcast Patrick Hester talks with some of the people behind the Queers Destroy Science Fiction project; publisher John Joseph Adams, Special Editor Seanan McGuire, Author Interviewer Rahul Kanakia, Poetry Editor Robyn Lupo and Managing Editor, Wendy N. Wagner.


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Patrick Hester is a writer, blogger, podcasting dude, Denver transplant and all around Functional Nerd. Don't hate him cuz he has a cool hat.

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  1. I love your podcasts and particularly want to hear this one, but every time I click on it, I get a notice from Box that “the user hosting this content is out of bandwidth.” Oh no!

    • Hi Diane,

      Apologies for that. It seems we have exceeded our bandwidth quota for the storage hosting. It’s unlikely we will resolve this by the end of today…but it’s the last day of the month so please try again tomorrow.

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