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Table of Contents: NIGHTMARES: A NEW DECADE OF MODERN HORROR edited by Ellen Datlow

Tachyon will publish Nightmares: A New Decade of Modern Horror edited by Ellen Datlow in November. Check out the table of contents!

About the book:

From the most acclaimed horror editor in the business comes the most groundbreaking horror of the new millennium. In Nightmares, editor extraordinaire Datlow has skillfully reprised her classic anthology Darkness: Two Decades of Modern Horror. Here you will find iconic authors mingling with unexpected new masters of terror. These tales represent the finest stories of s new era, in which evil both everyday and unfathomable will simply not go away.

In “Ambitious Boys Like You,” two inexperienced thieves discover a residence which makes Home Alone seem like a playground romp. The question of “Is She Wicked? Is She Good?,” is asked by concerned parents whose cruel child courts fairy revenge. The “Ash Mouth Man” may be just a legend to girls who wish to waste away – but is he only worth just one kiss?

Here’s the Table of Contents (in order of year from 2005-2015):

  1. Nightmares: A New Decade of Modern Horror
  2. “Shallaballah” by Mark Samuels
  3. “Sob in the Silence” by Gene Wolfe
  4. “Our Turn Too Will One Day Come” by Brian Hodge
  5. “Dead Sea Fruit” by Kaaron Warren
  6. “Closet Dreams” by Lisa Tuttle
  7. “Spectral Evidence” by Gemma Files
  8. “Hushabye” by Simon Bestwick
  9. “Very Low-Flying Aircraft” by Nicholas Royle
  10. “The Goosle” by Margo Lanagan
  11. “The Clay Party” by Steve Duffy
  12. “Strappado” by Laird Barron
  13. “Lonegan’s Luck” by Stephen Graham Jones
  14. “Mr Pigsny” by Reggie Oliver
  15. “At Night, When the Demons Come” by Ray Cluley
  16. “Was She Wicked? Was She Good?” by M. Rickert
  17. “The Shallows” by John Langan
  18. “Little Pig” by Anna Taborska
  19. “Omphalo”s by Livia Llewellyn
  20. “How We Escaped Our Certain Fate” by Dan Chaon
  21. “That Tiny Flutter of the Heart I Used to Call Love” by Robert
  22. “Interstate Love Song (Murder Ballad No. 8)” by Caitlín R. Kiernan
  23. “Shay Corsham Worsted” by Garth Nix
  24. “The Atlas of Hell” by Nathan Ballingrud
  25. “Ambitious Boys Like You” by Richard Kadre
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