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FINALISTS: 2016 Theodore Sturgeon Memorial Award (with Free Fiction Links!)

The nominees for the Theodore Sturgeon Memorial Award have been announced via a press release. The Sturgeon Award recognizes the best science fiction short story each year. It was established in 1987 by James Gunn and the heirs of Theodore Sturgeon, as an appropriate memorial to one of the great short-story writers in a field distinguished by its short fiction.

The finalists are:

  • And You Shall Know Her By The Trail Of Dead” by Brooke Bolander. Lightspeed, Feb 2015.
  • “The Four Thousand, the Eight Hundred” by Greg Egan. Asimov’s, Dec 2015.
  • The New Mother” by Eugene Fischer. Asimov’s, Apr/May 2015.
  • Folding Beijing” by Hao Jingfang, tr. Ken Liu. Uncanny Magazine, Jan/Feb 2015.
  • “Emergence” by Gwyneth Jones. Meeting Infinity, ed. Jonathan Strahan. Solaris.
  • Damage” by David D. Levine., 21 Jan 2015.
  • The Game of Smash and Recovery” by Kelly Link. Strange Horizons, 17 Oct 2015.
  • “Botanica Veneris: Thirteen Papercuts by Ida Countess Rathangan” by Ian McDonald. Old Venus, eds. G.R.R.Martin and Gardner Dozois. Bantam Books.
  • Our Lady of the Open Road” by Sarah Pinsker. Asimov’s, Jun 2015.
  • The Three Resurrections of Jessica Churchill” by Kelly Robson. Clarkesworld, Feb 2015.
  • “Gypsy” by Carter Scholz. Fantasy & Science Fiction, Nov/Dec 2015.
  • “Avery Cates: The Walled City” by Jeff Somers. Kindle edition, Jun 2015.

The award is given during the Campbell Conference which, this year, will be part of MidAmeriCon II, the 74th World Science Fiction Convention, in Kansas City, Mo. The awards ceremony is scheduled for the evening of Thursday, Aug. 18.

Congrats to all the nominees!

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