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[GUEST POST] Aaron Johnston on Kicking a Dead Horse: Or Why We Don’t Need “Worst of the Year” Lists

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Kicking a Dead Horse: Or Why We Don’t Need “Worst of the Year” Lists

This week Entertainment Weekly has printed a special double issue that lists “The Best & Worst of 2012.” They give you a bit of everything: best and worst movies, music, TV shows, books, games, scenes from movies, etc. If you go to their site, you’ll find even more best/worst options, including their list of [thanks but no thanks] best/worst nude scenes. And no, I’m not providing a link.

Now, I like Entertainment Weekly. I’m a subscriber. Have been for a long time. But do we really need to point fingers and call something the absolute worst something of the year? That strikes me as cruel. Yes, we should celebrate the achievements. Yes, we should applaud those who did the unexpected, or who wowed us with their talent, or who moved us with their performance, or who broke our hearts with their prose.

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