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[GUEST POST] Alison Sinclair’s 5 Lessons from Writing BREAKPOINT: NEREIS

Alison Sinclair is the author of the science fiction novels Legacies, Blueheart, and Cavalcade (nominated for the Arthur C. Clarke Award). She is presently living in Montreal where she is working on the next novel in the Plague Confederacy trilogy. Her latest novel Breakpoint: Nereis is avilable on Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Indiebound.

5 Lessons from Writing BREAKPOINT: NEREIS, or Old Dogs, New Tricks

by Alison Sinclair

1. Delegate the Power Struggles.

It’s embarrassing to admit to engaging in power struggles with figments of my own imagination. It suggests I haven’t quite got the grip on professionalism, not to mention reality, that I ought. I might jokingly claim my characters have minds of their own, but I know who’s in charge.

Or I did until I ran up against Creon McIntyre.
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