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[GUEST POST] Bill Gourgey on The Great Romance of Technology

Bill Gourgey first got the bug for writing in college. He is now a full-time writer, mostly writing fiction, and a part-time technologist. His publications include Glide, a novel (Book 1 of a trilogy); Nu Logic, (Book 2 in the Glide Trilogy); Unfamiliar Fruit, a small volume of short stories; and Outside the Box, a collection of poetry. All are available now.

The Great Romance

by Bill Gourgey

We humans have always had one great love in common-one that arguably precedes our love of the divine. Ever since the first spark flew off a fragment of flint and inadvertently lit the beard of some startled Neanderthal, we have been in love with our technologies. Many philosophers argue that humanity, by definition, began when we distinguished ourselves from our contemporary species by knapping flint, making weapons, and crafting tools. This primeval love-the human-technics affair-lies at the heart of science and, naturally, science fiction. Does that mean that we fans and writers of science fiction are really romantics in disguise? Well, yes, when it comes right down to it, even though our disguises range from Darth Vader regalia to avatars, cyborgs, and drones to name but a piddling few. Oh, and the worlds we immerse ourselves in-the machines, gadgets, transports, tools, and technologies! In fact, I would go so far as to say that science fiction-of all the literary genres-strikes nearest the mark of that which makes us human. A bold statement, perhaps, for a genre replete with series set in foreign worlds, alien protagonists, and robotic villains. But even as our stories stray from homo sapiens sapiens, it does so based on the one trait that arguably made us human in the first place and that still separates us from the animal kingdom-technology.
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