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[GUEST POST] Blake Hausladen on The Modern Muse; Practice, Memory, and Song

Armed with an English degree from Ripon College and an MBA from Chicago’s Stuart School of Business, Blake Hausladen has enjoyed a sixteen-year career in the shadowed back-office realms of the financial industry. He currently works in Chicago and writes in his free time. His debut publication, Ghosts in the Yew was released in May of 2011 and is being re-released in February 2013. The second book in the series, Native Silver, is expected this summer.

The Modern Muse; Practice, Memory, and Song

Surrounded by zombies, vampires, and other forms of the infected at a recent convention, I had the opportunity to try and answer the question what is your muse? How do you find it? How does someone crack his head open on a daily basis and spill out words in some semblance of order, again and again, reinventing an idea born so long ago that a notebook and map is needed to find it?

It is not a new question, after all, but there are a few thoughts I’ve had on the subject that I’d like to share—a method to my particular form of madness (600-page first-person-multiple novels).

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