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[GUEST POST] Charlene Challenger on Why Adolescence is Dystopian

Charlene Challenger is a writer and graduate of Ryerson Theatre School. Her first novel, the young adult fantasy The Voices In Between, is published by Tightrope Books. Her work is also featured in Stone Skin Press’s A 21st Century Bestiary and Exile Editions’ Start a Revolution: QUILTBAG Fiction Vying for Change. Charlene is currently working on the sequel to Voices. She lives in Toronto. Follow her at her Website, on Goodreads, on Twitter and on Facebook.

Adolescence is Dystopian Because TEENAGERS

by Charlene Challenger

A few years ago, when the public latched on to the grossly overhyped rags-to-riches story of JK Rowling and people started paying slightly more attention to books-not reading them so much as waiting to see what their blockbuster incarnations would look and sound like—a slew of YA dystopian novels was published. And since websites are obligated to support their advertising content, readers were treated to an array of write—ups of variations of the following theme: “There’s a new fad among the teenaged literati—dystopian fiction!”

My response, to put it bluntly, was: “Like, really guys?”
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