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[GUEST REVIEW] Constance Ash-Sublette on Sherwood Smith’s ‘Banner of the Damned’

Constance Ash-Sublette has published three novels and some short fiction; she edited Not of Woman Born, the first original anthology short-listed for the Philip K. Dick Award. Currently her writing focus is history, including the forthcoming The American Slave Coast From the Chesapeake to the Gulf, co-authored with Ned Sublette.

Banner of the Damned is set in the secondary fantasy world of Sartorias-deles; the events take place four centuries after the close of the previous Sartorians-deles epic series: Inda, The Fox, King’s Shield, Treason’s Shore, commonly called the Inda series. It is not necessary to have read these books before reading Banner of the Damned. All these titles are available from DAW.

Armies vs. Melende

Sherwood Smith should rank high on any list of military writers, though her novels are not military fantasy fiction per se. Julius Caesar would have caveats about her cavalry battle scenes. Her naval campaigns and battles, and the hand-to-hand fighting scenes on board ship, are the equal of Patrick O’Brian’s.
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