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[GUEST POST] Jeremiah Tolbert Offers A Look Behind The Scenes of ‘The Subterrene War’ (+Tips for the Aspiring Video Producer)

Jeremiah Tolbert is a writer and web designer living in Northern Colorado. He is the founder of Clockpunk Studios, which specializes in the marketing and web needs of authors and publishers-especially in the field of science fiction and fantasy. His short fiction has appeared in Fantasy Magazine and Interzone, among others.

Hello there, good readers of SF Signal. I’m here to provide a little insight into the behind-the-scenes work that went into the “Subterrene War Clips,” a series of four short video stories my team recently put together based on T.C. McCarthy’s novels, Germline and Exogene.

Let’s start with the finished product, and then I’ll go over the work that went into them.

You can find the rest of the clips on the Subterrene War Clips website.

Now, let’s turn back the clock to this past summer, to Reno, Nevada for the 69th World Science Fiction Convention…
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