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Call me silly, but books excite me. Here are a few examples of upcoming books that I’m looking forward to reading.

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The eBook for The Shore of Women by Pamela Sargent is on sale for $1.99!

This classic work of feminist science fiction finds the world reordered. Following a nuclear holocaust, women have used advanced technology to expel men from their cities, bringing them back only for purposes of loveless reproduction under the guise of powerful goddesses. When one young woman, Birana, questions her society’s deception, she finds herself exiled amongst the very men she has been taught to scorn. As Birana and her reluctant male protector Arvil grow closer, their feelings for each other just might mend their fractured world—if they somehow manage to survive.

This deal is available to today only, so if you want it, pick it up while you can.

Here’s the cover and synopsis for Kelly Link’s upcoming collection of short fiction Get in Trouble: Stories.

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Here is the table of contents for the new issue of Galaxy’s Edge Magazine, the online/downloadable magazine edited by Mike Resnick.

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Here’s another fantastic analysis from the good folks at Thug Notes, this time focusing on The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins.

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There is still some time left for you to enter our giveaway for The Freezer by Timothy S. Johnston…but hurry, time is running out!

See the original post for details on how to enter.

There is still some time left for you to enter our giveaway for The Time Fetch by Amy Herrick…but hurry, time is running out!

See the original post for details on how to enter.

Here’s Animation Domination High-Def’s amusing musical tribute to Studio Ghibli, who recently announced that they may stop making films.
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Here’s the cover and synopsis for Gwenda Bond’s upcoming young adult novel Fallout, a book about the early days of Lois Lane in Metropolis.

Here’s the synopsis:
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Looking for the perfect gift for the special nerdy someone?

Over at the Kirkus Reviews blog this week, I serve up a tasty helping of End-of-Summer Gift Ideas for SciFi Fans and Comic Nerds.


Patrick Swenson began Talebones magazine in 1995, and in 2000 started Fairwood Press, a small SF book press. Ultra Thin Man is his first novel.

The Marriage of Sci-Fi and Noir

by Patrick Swenson

My novel The Ultra Thin Man has readers likening it to Dashiell Hammett’s The Thin Man, and in truth, Hammett’s novel is a definite influence, as is the film of the same name. I’ve also seen a number of comments along the lines of: “I hope Nick and Nora at least have a cameo!” They do not, I’m afraid. In fact, only one character makes a cameo, and it was quite by accident. Dorothy, the daughter of the prime suspect in The Thin Man, is often called by a shorter name. In the first chapter of The Ultra Thin Man, I introduce “Dorie,” a supposed terrorist movement sympathizer. The spelling of her name is different, however. I’d forgotten about her name in Hammett’s book until a year after I finished writing my own. I reread Hammett’s novel after that, and then I remembered.
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In my slowly progressing travels into the Warhammer 40K books, the Space Marine stories are, I suspect, my next stop. (I’m looking at you, Space Marine Omnibus by Christian Dunn!) Not far behind is this upcoming book, Angels of Death, an omnibus which contains the previously-released Space Marine books Architect of Fate (an anthology edited by Christian Dunn) and The Siege of Castellax (a novel by C.L. Werner). Man, how I love the feel of a big fat WH40K omnibus in my greedy little hands…


Here’s the synopsis for the upcoming Angels of Death omnibus. (And see covers for the omnibus and the two original books — and what the heck, the Space Marine Omnibus — after the jump…)
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Honest Trailers – Ghostbusters

That young upstart Honest Trailers takes on the 30 year-old Ghostbusters? Sure…why not…

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Today we have an excerpt from Dana Fredsti’s new novel, Plague World (available today from Titan Books)!

Here’s what the book is about:

The thrilling conclusion of the zombie apocalypse begun in PLAGUE TOWN and continued in PLAGUE NATION! The zombie plague has gone airborne, and the conspiracy that began it all reaches the boiling point.

Having been ambushed in San Francisco, which is now fully engulfed in the zombie plague, Ashley and the wild cards must pursue the enemy to San Diego. There they will discover a splinter of their own organization, the Dolofónoi tou Zontanoús Nekroús, which seeks to weaponize the plague. But that isn’t the worst news. The plague has gone airborne, making it transferable without physical contract. It cannot be controlled by anyone, so reports of the zombie swarm are coming in from across the United States – and across the world.

Read on for the excerpt!

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Who doesn’t love a good eBook deal?

All of these 71 science fiction, fantasy and horror eBook titles are priced at or under $4 at the time of writing this post. Disclaimer: Prices are subject to change, so check the price before clicking “buy”. If Amazon is not your eBook ecosystem, please do look up the titles wherever you buy your eBooks; discounts are often applied at other outlets, so check there.

  1. Queen of the Dark Things: A Novel by C. Robert Cargill (Harper Voyager)
  2. Elfhunter (Elfhunter Trilogy) by C.S. Marks (Parthian Press)
  3. Saltwater Witch (The Seaborn Trilogy Book 1) by Chris Howard (Lykeion Books)

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Here’s the impressive table of contents for the upcoming anthology The Mammoth Book of Gaslit Romance edited by Ekaterina Sedia, coming this November from Running Press.

A fantastic collection of stories of love and intrigue that focus on the trappings of the popular Victorian era, enlivened with fantastical elements and incorporating some noir and detective pieces, by O. M. Grey, Leanna Renee Hieber, N. K. Jemisin, Eliza Knight, Sarah Prineas, Delia Sherman, Genevieve Valentine and many more.

Here’s the table of contents…
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John Scaliz’s new science fiction thriller, Lock In (out today!), got a nifty theme song by William Beckett.

Listen to it below.

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WINNERS: Frostborn by Lou Anders

The winners of our giveaway for Frostborn by Lou Anders have been chosen and notified.

Congratulations to:

  • Chris N. from Texas
  • Kay R. from Arizona
  • Scott G. from Arizona
  • Susan V. from New Mexico
  • Tanja W. from Arkansas

You will be receiving your prizes soon!

Thanks to everyone who entered.

SF Signal has lots of swag to give away to coincide with the release of Timothy S. Johnston’s new novel The Freezer:

  • 2 winners will each receive an eBook copy of The Freezer
  • 2 winners will each receive a mug (see below)
  • 6 winners will each receive a signed covers

Here’s what the book is about:

2402 AD

CCF homicide investigator Kyle Tanner and his girlfriend are on their way to Pluto, en route to a new life together. Just one little death to check out in the asteroid belt first. But when you’re as tangled up in conspiracy as Tanner is, a few hours on a case can change your life. Or end it.

The mystery is a strange one—one man dead, a cryptic message his dying breath. Still, Tanner’s ready to wrap it up until another gruesome murder shakes him to his core. The discovery of a microscopic bomb near his own heart offers the first faint clue, but the clock is ticking. He has four days….

A desperate search for answers takes Tanner to The Freezer, an isolated facility on one of Jupiter’s moons. With anti-CCF dissidents targeting the facility, a team of scientists conducting experiments the military would rather remain hidden, and a mysterious man in white hunting him on the ice, Tanner will have to choose his allies carefully. Putting his faith in the wrong person will leave him bleeding out in seconds.

Here’s how you can enter for a chance to win:
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Hey, Joe Ledger fans!

Here’s the cover and synopsis for Jonathan Maberry’s upcoming Joe Ledger novel Predator One

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