John Gwynne studied and lectured at Brighton University. He’s been in a rock ‘n’ roll band, playing the double bass, travelled the USA and lived in Canada for a time. He is married with four children and lives in Eastbourne, running a small family business rejuvenating vintage furniture. Malice is his debut novel.

The Writers That Shaped My Idea of Fantasy

by John Gwynne

Malice is my first fantasy novel, an epic tale with all that that suggests. Epic battles, sweeping landscapes, angels and demons, Machiavellian politics and a coming-of-age tale. Also I hope it has a human heart, telling a story about people and their passions. Epic and intimate was my goal.

Fantasy is one of the big loves of my life, going back as far as I can remember. As I was growing up my dad was in the Royal Air Force, which meant a lot of traveling – usually a new home and school every three years. Books became my friends during these years. Don’t get the violins out, though, it wasn’t so bad. And I do have real, living, breathing human friends now. But because of my circumstances and the regular upheaval books became a big part of my childhood, something that has stuck with me ever since.
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