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[GUEST POST] SciFi Comedies on Radio and TV by John Richards

John Richards was the co-creator/writer of the 2012 ABC1 sitcom Outland, about a gay science-fiction fan club (“Sensational writing, a great ensemble, and universal themes of love, loss, and friendship… a hit…” – The Weekend Australian. “Quite frankly, one of the best Australian series I’ve ever seen.” – Trespass Magazine). He also co-wrote the Eurovision-themed play Songs For Europe, was part of the Boxcutters and Splendid Chaps podcasts, and is a regular contributor to publications including DNA, Cult and Encore. His latest project is Night Terrace, an original sci-fi comedy audio series about two people lost in time and space, starring Jackie Woodburne (Neighbours).

SF Comedies on Radio and TV

by John Richards

There’s something about the fannish mind that lends itself to research. We like to collect the set, to see every episode, to discover all the hidden extras. We’ll read every book in the series, even if they’re increasingly terrible. I like to call this “The Piers Anthony Effect”.
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