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[GUEST POST] Special Needs in Strange Worlds: Juliet McKenna on Writing Characters with Disabilities, Then and Now

NOTE: This installment of Special Needs In Strange Worlds features a guest post from author Juliet McKenna! – Sarah Chorn

Juliet E. McKenna is a British fantasy author. She was born in Lincolnshire in 1965, and studied Greek and Roman history and literature at St Hilda’s College, Oxford. She now lives in West Oxfordshire with her husband and sons. McKenna has written two series of books, The Tales of Einarinn and The Aldabreshin Compass, as well as many short stories and articles. She is currently working on a new series, The Chronicles of the Lescari Revolution, and a contemporary fantasy novel. She regularly attends fantasy conventions, gives talks, and teaches creative writing courses. She is also one of the authors, along with others such as Sarah Ash and Mark Chadbourn, behind The Write Fantastic, which is an initiative by a group of fantasy authors to promote the fantasy genre, and to display the scope of current fantasy writing.

Writing Characters with Disabilities – What I Did Then And How I Think Now

by Juliet McKenna

In my very first novel, The Thief’s Gamble, a peripheral character suffers a crippling injury. Halice, long-time friend and ally of Livak the principal narrator, falls from a horse and breaks a thigh bone. This is quite simply a plot device to explain her absence. That’s why Livak, now at a loose end, makes a spur of the moment decision which takes her on an unexpected and perilous adventure. So far, so unremarkable, or at least, so I thought at the time, in 1996.
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