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[GUEST POST] Lory Kaufman on Building A Better World – Writing Science Fiction and Fantasy

In this piece for SF Signal, debut novelist Lory Kaufman discusses writing science fiction and fantasy and the role the genres can play in our society. Lory’s first novel, The Lens and the Looker is a futuristic adventure novel geared to young adults and will be available on March 16th, 2011 in paperback and ebook form.

The vast majority of fiction writings are set in contemporary or past times. I think it’s safe to say, then, that its main job is to act as a mirror to our society, reflecting what is happening currently and what has happened in the past. Most science fiction and fantasy, on the other hand, takes place in the future. This gives the writer the unique opportunity to be part of a discussion on how a better world could look like. Yes, I realize there’s lots of schlock out there, where the aim of the writers and publishers is to write something that looks like something else, but that stuff doesn’t count in this discussion.

You see, I’m a guy who takes his futurism seriously. I believe that every generation is responsible for the world that comes after them, so we must learn from the past and do things during our time on this little, blue sphere to leave the place in a better state than when we found it. I write so I can be part of that discussion.

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