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[GUEST POST] Lynn Viehl Announces Brand New Series

Since her debut in 2000 NY Times bestselling author Lynn Viehl has published 47 novels in 8 genres, and is the host of Paperback Writer, a popular publishing industry weblog featuring writing advice, market info and free resources for writers.

Not The Usual Thing: A Brand New Series

Every book a writer publishes is special, but I have one being released next year that is out of the ordinary, even for me.  When it’s published we are definitely partying at my house.

The cause for much celebration started in 2009, after I turned in the final novels for my StarDoc and Darkyn series.  Back then I decided to write a book for fun during National Novel Writing Month.  Yes, I am one of those writers.  That and after nine years of telling stories about doctors in space and ex-Templar vampires I really needed a break from the scalpels and the fangs.  I went through my Maybe Someday When I’m Feeling Crazy file and selected an idea for an urban fantasy in an alternate historical setting.

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