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[GUEST POST] Matthew Wayne Selznick on Neo-Patronage, Crowdfunding and Kickstarter: One Author’s In-Progress Case Study

Matthew Wayne Selznick is a creator working with words, music, pictures and people. Through MWS Media, he provides a variety of creative services to independent creators, agencies, and entertainment companies. He lives in Long Beach, California and on the web at

As an independent creator, I believe a creative endeavor isn’t truly art until it’s experienced by others. As an advocate of the DIY ethic, I’m committed to minimizing the separation between author and reader. I’ve watched with interest over the last six years as the neo-patronage / crowdfunding movement gains steam.

As I write, a Kickstarter campaign to fund the creation of my book “Pilgrimage – A Novel of the Sovereign Era is exactly half over and slightly over half funded. From within this Schrödinger’s box of crowdfunding, I’d like to share my particular experience. It’s my hope authors might learn something they can use, and readers will have a new perspective on the process.

Why Crowdfund A Novel?

I’m repeatedly asked: “Why not just write the book and publish it the normal way, instead of asking for funding up front?”

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