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Megan is the Editor-in-Chief for Stellar Four, a site dedicated to celebrating the girlie side of science, science fiction, and fantasy. And, while she's been paid throughout her career to write all sorts of official sounding reports, legal notifications, speeches, and press releases, she's never been as happy as she is now writing for free about her latest geek loves. Get your nerd on with Megan on Stellar Four, Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook!

Must-See Genre TV

Thank goodness the summer is over! We finally have an excuse to stay indoors, away from the burning orb in the sky, and huddle for entertainment in front of the television. As far as genre shows are concerned, the Fall 2013 season begins tonight*, and I’m super excited about some of the new series. In fact, I’ve been so eager for some of the new shows that I made myself a list of the premiere dates and times back in July. Lucky for you, I’m a benevolent minor deity blogger so I decided to expand the list to include all of the scifi, fantasy, and geek-friendly shows and share the whole caboodle with you.

Here’s what I’m looking forward to…

[Photo by Kevin Dean]

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Cookie Monsters and Other Edible Literary Figures

Hi guys!  I’m new here and, while I will rarely ever write reviews,* I plan on putting pen to paper (figuratively speaking of course) to share all sorts of geeky and genre related goodies with you beginning today.  So, I thought I’d break the ice with some amazing cookie cutters based on a few of our favorite bookish fandoms.  Who doesn’t like cookies, right?**

Here goes nothin’…

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