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[GUEST POST] Sam J. Miller on Sitting Shiva for Electric Velocipede

Sam J. Miller is a writer and a community organizer. His work has appeared or is forthcoming in Shimmer, Nightmare Magazine, Strange Horizons, Icarus, The Minnesota Review, and The Rumpus, among others. He is a graduate of the 2012 Clarion Writer’s Workshop, and the co-editor of Horror After 9/11, an anthology published by the University of Texas Press. Visit him at and follow him on Twitter as @sentencebender.

Sitting Shiva for Electric Velocipede

by Sam J. Miller

For twelve years, Electric Velocipede published some of the most exciting genre fiction anywhere. Over 250 authors and artists were featured in its 27 issues, from SFF rock stars to brand new geniuses.When my own story “The Beasts We Want To Be” was accepted into Electric Velocipede, that’s when I felt like I had arrived as a science fiction writer.

Electric Velocipede was not the place where you sent the kind of story you twisted into shape for the Zombies on Medicare themed anthology,” says writer Richard Bowes. “And you didn’t send the stories you created to satisfy the well known kinks and wordcount of a specific market. EV was for the story you wrote because it was so fucking much fun to write. And because you knew that your story would find itself in very good company!”

That’s why it was so devastating when the announcement went out that the 27th issue would be its last.

And that’s why, on February 28th, New York City will be sending the old gal off in style, with an old-fashioned memorial service. Ten writers whose work was published in Electric Velocipede will come together to eulogize, rhapsodize, and read from their EV pieces.

If you’re in or anywhere near NYC, you should definitely consider coming.
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