Susie Moloney is the author of four novels, Bastion Falls, A Dry Spell, The Dwelling and The Thirteen. Her new book, a collection of short fiction, Things Withered: Stories, is available everywhere. Read more about it here: and at Follow me on Twitter @Susiemoloney or friend me on Facebook. Or just wave when I walk by.

Aliens and the Single Girl

by Susie Moloney

I recently released a book of short fiction, Things Withered, stories published by ChiZine Publications. After decades of writing short stories and keeping them to myself, they are now out there, naked and alone, for anyone, just anyone to read.

Note: “Naked and Alone” would be a good name for a garage band.

The one question I get asked all the time now, is how writing short fiction is different from writing novels. I really had to think about that. What I decided was that books conclude, whereas short stories seem to go on and on in my mind, the characters never really leaving me, but just going on from their end point in the story, to live on forever in my mind. The realtor from “The Windemere” for instance, has her own show now, on A & E, called “Obituary Apartments,” selling apartments in New York City, directly out of the obituary page of the New York Times. The young wife in “Wife,” is remarried, and continues her nighttime trolling for weak men. And somewhere in the woods in Ontario, a young student continues to become one with the forest floor. And she waits.

I write about a lot of deadly women. But it wasn’t always this way.
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