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[GUEST POST] Tansy Rayner Roberts on Serials and Spaceships

Tansy Rayner Roberts is the author of many award-winning fantasy novels and short stories including the recent Ink Black Magic. She is co-host of two podcasts: Galactic Suburbia and Verity! You can follow her on Twitter at @tansyrr or check out her crazy space opera retelling of The Three Musketeers on her blog. To support Tansy and her space musketeers via Patreon, visit

Serials and Spaceships

by Tansy Rayner Roberts

I’ve always been a sucker for a serialised story. I only had to catch an episode of a soap opera on a sick day to be hopelessly following it for months or years afterwards. I stuck with comics I loved long after the creative team had moved on, just because I needed to know what happened to the characters next.

Then there’s the pre-20th century publishing tradition of the serialised novels, which has always fascinated me ever since I read about Jo March writing melodramatic serials for the newspapers she published with and for her sisters. (Little Women itself was published as a serial when it first came out for real.) We might not be able to read these as anything but entire novels now, but the idea of a story written on the fly, so to speak, is quite compelling even if it leads to structural oddities.
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[GUEST POST] Tansy Rayner Roberts on “Cranky Ladies”

Tansy Rayner Roberts is a fantasy author who lives in Tasmania. She is one of the three voices of the Hugo-nominated Galactic Suburbia podcast. She also writes crime fiction as Livia Day. In 2013, she won the Hugo Award for Best Fan Writer. Her latest project is the Cranky Ladies of History anthology. You can follow Tansy on Twitter as @tansyrr.

Let’s Talk About Cranky Ladies

by Tansy Rayner Roberts

Late in 2013, Australian writer and editor Liz Barr blogged about Tsaritsa Sophia Alekseyevna of Russia, dubbing her one of history’s great “cranky ladies”. This inspired Tehani Wessely of FableCroft Publishing to start planning an extravaganza of an anthology about those women who bucked the trends of their time and took on cultural norms to challenge society’s rules and ideas about how women should behave.

This anthology, Cranky Ladies of History, is crowdfunding right now. Check out our Pozible page and prepare to get excited about our book as well as some really cool rewards.
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