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Hi there everyone. Infrequent contributor Trent here with a short interview with multiple award winning author C.J. Cherryh about her latest novel Regenesis, the long awaited direct sequel to the Hugo Award winning novel Cyteen. Mrs. Cherryh continues her story about the surviving clone of Ariane Emory, one of the great scientists humanity has even known, continuing the search for the murderer of her progenitor, the real Ariane Emory.

Before we get to the questions I would like to give a personal thank you not only to Ms. Cherryh herself, but to all who submitted questions for her (especially my brother Rob). This was a really fun task to undertake and I enjoyed my brief brush with Mrs. Cherryh. I was originally kind of apprehensive in contacting an author for a Q&A session “out of the blue’ being that this is my first time out with this kind of thing. However Mrs. Cherryh was quite enthusiastic to participate and I appreciate that greatly. So enough with the fluff, let’s get to the questions!

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Definitive Bladerunner DVD to release from Warner Home Video

I know you SFSignal readers love you some Bladerunner. (Sarcasm) So you all should be pleased to know that Warner Home Video is is planning to release a 25th anniversary version of the movie which they claim is the “final cut” of the film. This new DVD will have all previous edits of the film on it to cater to your personal favorite version of the film. I think the big draw here is that the “directors cut” that seems to be the crowning favorite was never released in an optimal aspect ratio and format that is common to most collectors edition DVD’s today. This “breaking news” (chuckle) comes courtesy of The Register: Definitive Bladerunner heads for DVD.

G4TV comes out with some hilarious Star Trek stop motion animation from 72andSunny

G4TV comes out with some hilarious Star Trek stop motion animation from 72andSunny to help G4TV advertise for Star Trek 2.0 the networks attempt to breathe life back in to the troubled G4TV channel. The animations feature the original Star Trek figurines (dolls?) with revised voices for the characters who speak using modern urban language in an attempt to bring a little “street cred” to the otherwise stiff dialog from the original TV series. They are very inventive commercials that I find truly hilarious, especially the one called “Star Trek Cribs” which features Spock having a house party. If you would like to view them they can be seen in a few video hosting sites. Youtube is where I’m sending you for a gander. Youtube search “Star Trek G4TV”