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Ridley Scott to Produce/Direct New Blade Runner Film

From the folks over at Filmonic, it is being reported that Ridley Scott will produce and direct a new Blade Runner, the film based on Philip K. Dick’s Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

I enjoyed Blade Runner, but this is not necessarily something that really needs to be made. Something tells me that John is beside himself with anticipation at this news…

Mario Gets a Portal Gun

Saw this over on Joystiq, and found it entertaining. It definitely changes how one would approach the game…

REVIEW: Sons of Dorn By Chris Roberson

REVIEW SUMMARY: A military SF book that delivers on action with marginal characters.


BRIEF SYNOPSIS: A set of new Imperial Fist recruits work their way to becoming scouts and are then thrown against the forces of Chaos.


PROS: Well paced action, a chance to view the inner workings of a space marine chapter

CONS: Somewhat annoying characters in the scouts

BOTTOM LINE: An entertaining book, but I struggled with some of the characters and their behavior.

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YouTube Video: AT-AT Afternoon

I saw this link over at Daring Fireball and felt that there was a time in my childhood where I would like an AT-AT from Kenner. Enjoy…

JP says: So cute and what a nice surprise at the end!

The Empire Strikes Back in the 1950s

An excellent mash-up of science fiction movies and shows pieced together to form a trailer for the film…

5 Reasons Why You Should Read a Warhammer 40,000 Book

With the Book Cover Smackdown from a few weeks back, I had noticed that many folks thought that the Salamander cover was an illustration of a robot. Actually, it’s a space marine — not one of those namby pamby space marines found in other books or games, but a 7 foot tall, genetically modified, power-armor-wearing, huge-gun-wielding Space Marine.

So imagine my dismay when I see there is a certain amount of disdain associated with this being a Warhammer 40K novel. These books get lumped together with other media tie-in books in many book stores. This means near the back of the ever-shrinking science fiction and fantasy sections with the Star Wars and Star Trek books. For some readers of this genre, these books carry a stigma. These books do not deserve that sort of treatment; and I’m not just saying that because I enjoy reading them.

Here are 5 reasons why you might like them, too:

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Caption Challenge #7: San Diego Comic-Con 2008 Edition

Comic-Con is one of those events that in recent years has grown to be much more than simply for comic book collectors. All sorts of folks show up these days to learn about new movies and games, and I know that it would have been great to attend. Namely in that it really gives us a chance to see cosplayers. They fill that need to emulate the image of their favorite comic book hero or character from a movie/video game, and they also give us an opportunity to have a little fun. With that preface out of the way, I have found this image over on Sebdal’s Flickr page, and felt that nothing screamed “Caption Challenge” like this one. As with others, remember this is all in good fun so lets not get too nasty…

REVIEW: Soon I will be Invincible by Austin Grossman

REVIEW SUMMARY: Comic book fiction mixed with some realistic personalities creates a fun read for superhero fans.


BRIEF SYNOPSIS: Corefire is missing and Doctor Impossible has escaped again. Was he responsible for Corefire’s disappearance? Well, the New Champions are on the case.


PROS: Interesting narrative style; Fantastic characters.

CONS: Some of the transitions into and out of the flashbacks are a little abrupt; Some characters could use a bit more development.

BOTTOM LINE: A great book with some minor flaws that gives yet another view on superheros.

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RIP: Gary Gygax

A loss among gamers everywhere…

Slice of SciFi reports that Gary Gygax has died at age 69.

The “Dungeons and Dragons” (D&D) co-creator and legengary gaming pioneer E. (Ernest) Gary Gygax has died at the age of 69 from complications arising from past multiple strokes.

A gamer all his life, Gygax started out like most kids playing strategy games such as chess and the card game pinochle, as well as others. His love for games found a different outlet in the late 1950’s with miniature war games like “Gettysburg.” His fascination grew to the point where gaming for him became an art form and then he found and fell in love with science fiction. Thus was born his lifelong quest to develop some of the best genre-related gaming in the industry.

Our best wishes go out to his family and friends.

Caption Challenge #6: Dr. Stephen Hawking Edition

Never let it be said that I discriminate against anybody, and I feel that the caption challenge should be open to all sorts of folks including those in the science community. With that, we have a LEGO version of Dr. Stephen Hawking grabbed from the folks over at Argh!. I will admit that the image did get a giggle out of me, and for that I have some guilt until I realized that Dr. Hawking would probably get a kick out of this too. So I look forward to your witty quotes. Now if we could find a LEGO version of Dr. Michio Kaku then we would be set.

Caption Challenge #5: Poothulu Edition

My last caption challenge involving Mr. Scalzi just did not seem to have the appeal that some of our previous ones have. While I am saddened by this lack of response, I am not unwilling to continue the effort. This all brings us to a discussion we were having regarding the upcoming Kingdom Hearts CCG from Fantasy Flight Games. Some felt that the game really needed a little H. P. Lovecraft to really make the game accessible, and we bantered about possible characters. Poothulu was one that came up and our resident artist, Trent, took that job to task to create our newest entry. I am sure the emotions generated by this will include shock, outrage, humor, and disdain, but alas I am only the messenger of the great unnamed bear….

Caption Challenge #4: John ScaLOLzi Edition

In my attempt to both show my true fanboy nature and still maintain a healthy sense of humor, I have taken it to task to find images across the web and then give readers a chance to offer up little quotes that would be appropriate for the image. In this case, I have been given a picture of a younger (and much more hairy) John Scalzi. I really enjoyed the books he has written up to this point, and he has a pretty good sense of humor (bacon cat anyone?). So with that, he becomes the target of the newest caption challenge.

The quote below the image is our weak attempt at LOLcat-speak. I know I am such a geek.

Caption Challenge #3: George Lucas Edition

Yes, it is time for another challenge for our readers. This one comes from one of my favorite sites, Forever Geek. They found this Flickr image from the production of the new Indiana Jones film, and I could not resist using it for a challenge. So feel free to give some caption love to Mr. Lucas and Mr. Ford.

Now the arrow points to a t-shirt that says “Han shot first” which can be purchased over at the Star Wars shop and was launched as part of the umpteenth release of the Star Wars Trilogy DVDs.

William Shatner comments on Star Trek XI rumors.

From Forever Geek, we have a video of “The Shat” (as we call him) responding to the rumors about his lobbying for a part in the new movie. There has been some speculation that he was quite upset regarding the situation and clears the air in this video.

Deathly Hallows Spoilers!!!

That’s right ladies and gentlemen, our crack team (see we have more than one) of book acquisition specialists have braved the parties and lines to not only purchase the new Harry Potter book, but also put in our hands so that we could not only demonstrate that the money spent on Evelyn Wood Speed reading courses was not in vain. So after completing what can only be described as a perusal and skimming of the contents within, we have decided to help all those folks who are not reading the book to learn the shocking secrets held within. Without any additional fanfare (because I am pretty sure there was waaaay too much tonight), SF Signal brings you the top 10 spoilers from Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows.

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Caption Challenge #2: Cory Doctorow Edition

Well after a little photo manipulation by our crack team of humor specialists here at SFSignal, we have a shot of Mr. Doctorow in an appropriate pose for a Star Trek episode. I felt that we would be remiss if we did not poke a little fun and offer up a second caption challenge after the success of our previous endeavor (or lack of success depending on how you look at it.) So without further ado, I present Ensign Doctorow and be gentle folks.

REVIEW: Transformers by Alan Dean Foster

REVIEW SUMMARY: A marginal media tie in book that had a lot more potential.


BRIEF SYNOPSIS: Big robots that can turn into cars and planes and stuff come to Earth in search of a mysterious object.


PROS: The beginning of the book was well done

CONS: Military jargon without explanation; Introduction of at least one character near the end of the book.

BOTTOM LINE: If you really are a Transformer fanboy, then read this book. Otherwise, I would avoid it and the movie.

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Tuesday YouTube: Transformers Public Service Announcment

With the release of the new Transformers movie, we found this little YouTube video gem from the folks over at Robot Chicken. Enjoy!!!

Updated to a new link – darn you YouTube!!!

Monday YouTube: Babylon 5: The Lost Tales Trailer

Warner Brothers has released a trailer for the new B5 direct to video movie. They have had other videos up covering the production of the movie, but now we have footage from the upcoming film. It is scheduled for release at the end of July and it is looking pretty good.

REVIEW: The Swarm by Frank Schatzing

REVIEW SUMMARY: A book that should appeal to both science fiction and non-science fiction audiences.


BRIEF SYNOPSIS: The creatures of the sea rise up against man but something else seems to be in command (cue scary underwater menace music)…


PROS: Raises interesting questions about intelligence and what form it will take; lots of excellent science here

CONS: A little too heavy handed about environmentalism and a little cliche at the end

BOTTOM LINE: A Peter Benchley-esque book with some unique twists and excellent flow.

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