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[GUEST POST] Travis Heermann on World Building in a Fantasy Novel

Travis Heermann has been a freelance writer since 1999. Publishing credits include dozens of magazine articles, role-playing game content for both table-top and online MMORPGs, short fiction. Travis’s latest novel, Rogues of the Black Fury, is now available at online booksellers, select bookstores, and libraries. He has also been putting the finishing touches on the second book in his Ronin Trilogy, Sword of the Ronin.

Rebuilding a Ronin’s World

World-building a historical fantasy novel is considerably different from a secondary world fantasy. Historical fantasy has a few more rules, unless you want to venture into alternate history or steampunk. Writers are free to play around with the fantasy elements, but to still call the story ‘historical’ means adhering known historical events and creating a compelling narrative around those events. But that is not a limitation; real historical events are often crazier and more dramatic than anything a fiction writer can conceive.

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