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Be My Victim

Be My Victim: Sarah Langan – Writing for a Profession

Writing is thankless, except when you get published, and somebody reads what you wrote, and tells you that it meant something to them. Then it's awesome. In fact, writing is always awesome - even when you don't get published. So few people find fulfillment in their work. Writers are lucky that way. [Read more]

March 1, 2011 // 1 Comment

Be My Victim: Nick Mamatas

Be My Victim: Author, editor, and internet brawlerNick Mamatas, and I have a civil chat about ghosts, spirits, and dudes that go "Did you hear that?" in the night. Though stories about ghosts and spirits have existed since earliest man - (That is a supposition, of course. I wasn't there, and earliest man wasn't big on backing up his files) - we're going to focus the conversation on contemporary treatments of hauntings - mostly. Recently, my guest, Nick Mamatas, teamed up with Ellen Datlow to edit the anthology, Haunted Legends, for Tor Books, so he's been exposed to some traditional and some not-so-traditional tales of spectral disturbance. [Read more]

November 9, 2010 // 2 Comments