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Cookie Monsters and Other Edible Literary Figures

Hi guys!  I’m new here and, while I will rarely ever write reviews,* I plan on putting pen to paper (figuratively speaking of course) to share all sorts of geeky and genre related goodies with you beginning today.  So, I thought I’d break the ice with some amazing cookie cutters based on a few of our favorite bookish fandoms.  Who doesn’t like cookies, right?**

Here goes nothin’…

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TOC: ‘The Book of Cthulhu II’ Edited by Ross E. Lockhart

Editor Ross E. Lockhart has posted the table of contents for his upcoming (10/2012) anthology The Book of Cthulhu II:

Here’s the book description:

Last year, Night Shade Books unleashed The Book of Cthulhu onto an unsuspecting world. Critically acclaimed as “the ultimate Cthulhu anthology” and “a ‘must read’ for fans of Lovecraft’s Cthulhu mythos,” The Book of Cthulhu went where no collection of mythos tales had gone before: to the very edge of madness… and beyond.

For nearly a century, H. P. Lovecraft’s tales of malevolent Great Old Ones existing beyond the dimensions of this world, beyond the borders of sanity, have captured and held the imaginations of writers and aficionados of the dark, the macabre, the fantastic, and the horrible. Now, because you demanded more, anthologist Ross E. Lockhart has risked all to dive back into the Cthulhu canon, combing through mind-shattering manuscripts and moldering tomes to bring you The Book of Cthulhu 2, with even more tales of tentacles, terror, and madness.

Featuring monstrous stories by many of weird fiction’s brightest lights, The Book of Cthulhu 2 brings you even more tales inspired by H. P. Lovecraft’s greatest creation: The Cthulhu mythos.

This year, the stars are right…

Iä! Iä! Cthulhu Fhtagn!

Check out the contributor roster in this table of contents…
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VIDEO: Carl Reiner Mocks Cthulhu For Rod Serling

Don Pizarro pointed me to this video treasure from Rod Serling’s Night Gallery…an episode titled “Professor Peabody’s Last Lecture” in which Carl Reiner mocks the Elder Gods. Great stuff…thanks, Don!
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TOC: ‘New Cthulhu: The Recent Weird’ Edited by Paula Guran

Sean Wallace has posted the table of contents for Paula Guran’s upcoming anthology New Cthulhu: The Recent Weird, coming from Prime Books in November of 2011. The book, which sports some nice cover art by Rafael Tavares, is described like so:

For more than eighty years H.P. Lovecraft has inspired writers of supernatural fiction, artists, musicians, filmmakers, and gaming. His themes of cosmic indifference, the utter insignificance of humankind, minds invaded by the alien, and the horrors of history–written with a pervasive atmosphere of unexplainable dread–today remain not only viable motifs, but are more relevant than ever as we explore the mysteries of a universe in which our planet is infinitesimal and climatic change is overwhelming it.

In the first decade of the twenty-first century supernatural writers no longer imitate Lovecraft, but they are profoundly influenced by the genre and the mythos he created. NEW CTHULHU: THE RECENT WEIRD presents some of the best of this new Lovecraftian fiction– bizarre, subtle, atmospheric, metaphysical, psychological, filled with strange creatures and stranger characters–eldritch, unsettling, evocative, and darkly appealing.

Here’s the table of contents:

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Sunday Cinema: Lovecraft Documentary ‘Fear of the Unknown’ (2008)

Here’s a preview of a film that you can watch for free Online: Lovecraft: Fear of the Unknown

The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is Fear of the Unknown.

H.P. Lovecraft was the forefather of modern horror fiction having inspired such writers as Stephen King, Robert Bloch and Neil Gaiman. The influence of his Cthulhu mythos can be seen in film (Re-animator, Hellboy, and Alien), games (The Call of Cthulhu role playing enterprise), music (Metallica, Iron Maiden) and pop culture in general. But what led an Old World, xenophobic gentleman to create one of literature’s most far-reaching mythologies? What attracts even the minds of the 21st century to these stories of unspeakable abominations and cosmic gods?

LOVECRAFT: FEAR OF THE UNKNOWN is a chronicle of the life, work and mind that created these weird tales as told by many of today’s luminaries of dark fantasy including John Carpenter (The Thing), Guillermo Del Toro (Pan’s Labyrinth), Neil Gaiman (Coraline), Stuart Gordon (Re-Animator), Caitlin Kiernan (“Daughter of Hounds”) and Peter Straub (“Ghost Story”).”

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VIDEO: Read Any Good Books Lately? How About…The Necronomicon?

[Thanks to Matthew Sanborn Smith]

Friday YouTube: Myth*Os – The Lovecraft Cereal

[via The Retroist]

Cthulhu for Old Spice

[via Lawrence Person]

The Call of Cthulhu in Under 2 Minutes

School starts up soon. Consider this post your lesson for Cthulhu 101.

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Friday YouTube: Cthulhu Lego Commercial

As The Cultural Gutter puts it, these are the building blocks of horror…

TRAILER: The Last Lovecraft: The Relic of Cthulhu

Maybe it’s the beer talkin’, but: This. Looks. Awesome.


Jeff, a down on his luck office worker finds out he is the last living relative of horror novelist H.P. Lovecraft. What he doesn’t know is that Lovecraft’s monsters are real and will soon threaten the very existence of mankind. Jeff and his best friend Charlie are forced to embark on a perilous adventure and they enlist the help of high school acquaintance, Paul, a self proclaimed Lovecraft specialist. Together the three unlikely heroes must protect an alien relic and prevent the release of an ancient evil, known as Cthulhu.

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Friday YouTube: Elder Sign

[via Mike Allen]

Friday YouTube Bonus: The Adventures of Lil’ Cthulhu

[via Marc Gascoigne]

TRAILER: Cthulhu, The Movie + ‘Rare’ H.P. Lovecraft Video Interview

Now enjoying limited release: Cthulhu – The Movie!

As a promotion for the film, the filmmakers distributed this “rare” (or as we say these days…”fake”) clip of H.P. Lovecraft being interviews:

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Hey. I’m Jeff Patterson, from the slowly-reawakening blog Gravity Lens. John has graciously invited me to post over here, and I’d like to take the opportunity to vent about something that’s been gnawing at me.

After 30-plus years of reading SF and attending conventions, there are whole areas of fandom I do not understand: anime-based LRPGs; amateur neo-pagan Tolkien scholars; the three Fs of Filking, Furries, and Fanfic. But at least I can, in some bizarre way, comprehend what the attraction to these strange pursuits might be, regardless of there place on the geek hierarchy.

Then there is the incomprehensible. The truly alien.

I speak of the unceasing cute-ification of action figures.

A while back our esteemed hosts here at SF Signal posted an image of an My Little Cthulhu. I chuckled at it in an ironic way, not knowing the horror that awaited. In the past few years the market for little stylized figures has exploded. Minimates, Kubricks, and Mighty Muggs, all seemingly descended from Fisher Price ancestors, fill the toystores and specialty shops. The monthly Diamond Catalog is rife with them. This plague has infected science fiction. The genre’s finest heroes, monsters, and villains are reduced to the status of horrible two-inch tall eyesores.

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Calls For Cthulhu

More Monday YouTube….

Cthulhu answers your calls in Calls For Cthulhu! Call 1-800-SOL-EATR…

See also: Episodes two, three and four.

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My Little Cthulhu

Next month will see the release of toys that only an Elder God could love: My Little Cthulhu!

My Little Cthulhu is an 8″ vinyl figure and has a suggested retail price of $29.99. There will also be set of six Little Victims & Little Minions that will retail for $14.99.

If anyone was wondering how much to spend on a gift for me, it’d be about forty-five bucks. I’m just sayin’…

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Free Book: Move Under Ground by Nick Mamatas

Nick Mamatas has decided that to make his debut “Kerouac vs. Cthulhu” novel, Move Under Ground, available for free under a Creative Commons license.

More on the plot from the publisher website:

The year is nineteen-sixty-something, and after endless millennia of watery sleep, the stars are finally right. Old R’lyeh rises out of the Pacific, ready to cast its damned shadow over the primitive human world. The first to see its peaks: an alcoholic, paranoid, and frightened Jack Kerouac, who had been drinking off a nervous breakdown up in Big Sur. Now Jack must get back on the road to find Neal Cassady, the holy fool whose rambling letters hint of a world brought to its knees in worship of the Elder God Cthulhu. Together with pistol-packin’ junkie William S. Burroughs, Jack and Neal make their way across the continent to face down the murderous Lovecraftian cult that has spread its darkness to the heart of the American Dream. But is Neal along for the ride to help save the world, or does he want to destroy it just so that he’ll have an ending for his book?

[via John Scalzi]

I’ll Have A Cthulhu Christmas Without You (Reprise)

[In the spirit of re-gifting, I am recycling this old post on Cthulhu & Christmas and updating it with new links. – John]

Thanks to Gravity Lens, we have another reason to start a new Cthulhu category. There are no less than nine websites that combine Christmas & Cthulhu.

I’m really gonna have to break down and read a few of these stories. Darn you, HPL!

Cthulego Rising

If mixing LEGO and Cthulu isn’t a match made in, well, where ever, then I don’t know of a better use for LEGO. Cthulego Rising tells the story of what happens when an elder LEGO god rises, and causes havoc amongst the LEGO people.

Truly, an amazing use of LEGO.