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Mind Meld Make-Up With Keith R.A. DeCandido

With this week’s Mind Meld, Keith R.A. DeCandido was unable to write us a response in time for the main post. However, he still wanted to write about our question and [...]

September 27, 2010 // 0 Comments

MIND MELD: Should Star Wars Be Rebooted?

[Do you have an idea for a future Mind Meld? Let us know!] This week’s Mind Meld had a bit of setup involved before getting to the question. Here is what we sent our [...]

September 22, 2010 // 26 Comments

MIND MELD: SF/F Tropes That Should Be Retired

[Do you have an idea for a future Mind Meld? Let us know! This week’s Mind Meld question was suggested by Adam Callaway.] Last week we queried our panelists about the [...]

September 8, 2010 // 39 Comments

MIND MELD: Our Favorite SF/F Settings

Update: Added John Joseph Adams’ thoughts. Update #2: Added Bob Dierks’ response. Update The Third: Added Adam Callaway’s response. My apologies to Adam for [...]

August 25, 2010 // 9 Comments

MIND MELD: Comics For Science Fiction Fans

Many people who read science fiction also read comic books, but not all and that’s a shame. There are a lot of really good comics out there that are worth the time to [...]

August 11, 2010 // 22 Comments

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