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Here’s Animation Domination High-Def’s amusing musical tribute to Studio Ghibli, who recently announced that they may stop making films.
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John Scaliz’s new science fiction thriller, Lock In (out today!), got a nifty theme song by William Beckett.

Listen to it below.

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Award winning Composer & Pianist Sonya Belousova and Director Tom Grey bring the classic Japanese anime, Akira, to life

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Joshua Westbury did an amazing kinetic typography video for John Anealio‘s “Steampunk Girl” song.

If you like it, you can download the “Steampunk Girl” song — as well as John’s entire Laser Zombie Robot Love album — for free!

Listen and watch below…
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Jules Sherred at Geeky Pleasures found this Jason Derulo Parody aimed squarely at geeks. If you like it, you can download it for free.

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If you’ve already read through the currently running (6 days left!) Cosmic Story Bundle, the good folks as Story Bundle have 2 new eBook bundles to satisfy your hunger.

For those new to the idea, Story Bundle offers up a DRM-free set of eBooks for which you can name your price. They also allow you to give a portion of the proceeds from each bundle to charity.

So what are the 2 new bundles? I’m glad you asked!

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ABOUT ZAHATAR: The term “Zahatar” refers to a timeless spice blend from the Middle East. The band Zahatar brings modern spice to timeless tunes. Zahatar arranges all of its own music, pulling themes from the Celtic tradition, Chinese and Spanish folk melodies, bluegrass, pop/rock, film soundtracks, ragtime, the Classical era, and more. Zahatar is currently comprised of Christopher Grano on violin/fiddle, Sarah Hoskins on cello/djembe, Scott Stewart on viola, ‘Cille Lutsch on flute/pennywhistle, Emily Smith on pedal and Celtic harps, and Shilo Stroman on percussion. Zahatar is currently crowd funding an acoustic album based on the lyrics from Charles de Lint’s The Little Country. Follow them on their website, Facebook, and on Twitter as @zahatar.

The Mysterious Nature of Music in Fantasy Fiction

by Christopher Grano

Some might say that my love of music and my love of fantasy fiction are merely complementary, but for me, they are a singular passion. Stories told through music speak to all of us. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow stated that music is the universal human language, while more than a hundred years later, Marilyn Manson would say that music is the strongest form of magic.

Music is a cornerstone of fantasy. The first songs told stories to explain the creation of the world, long before history benefitted from the written word, before the word “civilization” even existed. The human voice was the world’s first musical instrument; it required no tools to build. Music has always been a tradition of humankind, right along with storytelling.
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Tuesday Tune: Original Theme From Halo. Plus: Bonus Lindsey Sterling Cover!

The original Halo took the FPS console world by storm in November of 2001. Since then it’s spawned numerous sequels and generated hundreds of millions of dollars. But through it all, I still think the original theme music from the first game is the best. Here is the original in all its orchestral and choral glory.

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Thanks to the ever-vigilant Lawrence Person for suggesting the following video of a Swedish street musician doing his one-man-band-est to play the theme from Star Wars
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Tuesday Tune: “He’s Spider-Man” by The Ray Wall Band

This animated music video is part musical trubute, part fan video, and all coolness.

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Tuesday Tune: “För Långt Ut” by Den Stora Vilan

Come take a retro-futuristic journey in a cylindrical Rama-like world in this video directed by Joan Manuel Urquiaga Valdes…

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Tuesday Tune: “The Lava” by Equateur

Here’s a cool sf-nal video for the song “The Lava” by Equateur…

(Another great find by PipedreamerGrey at Geek Art Gallery)

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Here are some cool-sounding alternate takes on the Game of Thrones theme…
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Tuesday Tune: Game of Thrones Medley

The Houses of Westeros sing their hearts out in this Game of Thrones music video parody from The Warp Zone…

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VODO Otherworlds Science Fiction Bundle

The folks over at VODO have assembled an eclectic mix of science fiction media in a single, pay-what-you-want bundle. The basic Otherworlds Bundle includes the following movies, games, comics, books and music:

  • Cory Doctorow’s Futuristic Tales Of The Here And Now [[Book] – Graphic novel of six stories by Cory Doctorow.
  • Bientôt L’été [Game] – Heavily atmospheric game for two players. Existential!
  • 2145 [Audio] – Dark Ambient music from Sabled Sun
  • The Surrogates [Book] – Acclaimed five-part comic series. NY Times Bestseller.
  • Blink [Film] – 4 tightly-crafted visions of beyond in 1 short film.

But there’s more!
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Tuesday Tune: Lurch Sings!

Remember Lurch (Ted Cassidy) from The Addams Family? It turns out he laid down this groovy track back in the day. Well, it’s more of a speaking thing, but that never stopped anyone before. (Looks at William Shatner.)

Check out this catchy tune after the break…

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Here’s Melodysheep‘s remix of HBO’s Game of Thrones into a catchy tune.

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Tuesday Tune: “Science Fiction” by The Telekinetics

Here’s The Telekinetics singing “Science Fiction”. Enjoy!

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Tuesday Tune: “Chimera Panorama” by Mirage in the Water

If you’ve ever wondered: “Is there a music video equivalent of weird fiction?”…I’ve got a Tuesday Tune for you!

The following ambient music from Mirage in the Water is overlaid onto clips from the bizarre 1973 Polish film The Hour-Glass Sanatorium. The film is about a man who undertakes a strange journey through the many rooms of the sanatorium where his father resides, who has stopped breathing but is still alive. Each room in the sanatorium conjures worlds composed of his memories, dreams and nightmares. The film is Adapted from a collection of short stories by Polish-Jewish writer Bruno Schulz.

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It’s been several years since I listed to this song and I don’t recall ever seeing this video, but when Lawrence Person pointed it out to me, I knew I had my Tuesday Tune post. OK, maybe it had something to do with him saying “There’s another Tuesday Tune”, but I promise I am not his posting puppet. (He totally told me to say that.)

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