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SF Tidbits for 10/20/08

E-Reads offers a peek behind the curtain at John Norman’s Prize of Gor: “What man, in his deepest heart,” asks John Norman, “does not want to own a [...]

October 20, 2008 // 10 Comments

SF Tidbits for 10/19/08

Geek gadgets that sound dirty but aren’t: Star Trek Nutcrackers. Jason Sanford asks: Did some independent bookstores deserve to die? At Torque Control, Niall Harrison [...]

October 19, 2008 // 0 Comments

SF Tidbits for 10/18/08

John Picacio shares the awesome triptych he did for Jeffrey Ford’s Well Built City trilogy. I saw the original shadowbox piece and it was endlessly fascinating. [...]

October 18, 2008 // 5 Comments

SF Tidbits for 10/17/08

Editor Jonathan Strahan shows off the super-awesome Donato Giancola cover art for Eclipse Two. RIP: Sad news…British author Barrington John Bayley has passed away. [...]

October 17, 2008 // 0 Comments

SF Tidbits for 10/16/08

Interviews & Profiles: @SciFi Wire: Margo Lanagan (Tender Morsels) and T.A. Pratt (Dead Reign). (Also: John Scalzi (Agent to the Stars) posts the full text of his recent [...]

October 16, 2008 // 0 Comments

SF Tidbits for 10/15/08

Interviews and Profiles: @Omnivoracious: Part 1 of a 3-part interview with Jeffrey Ford (Well-Built City Trilogy). @Ingram Library: Alethea Kontis sits down with dynamic [...]

October 15, 2008 // 2 Comments

SF Tidbits for 10/14/08

Free Fiction [courtesy of QuasarDragon]: Audio Fiction: @The Classic Tales Podcast: Part One of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson (part 1). @PodCastle: [...]

October 14, 2008 // 0 Comments

SF Tidbits for 10/13/08

Ridley Scott may direct an adaptation of Joe Haldeman’s The Forever War. I find this interesting as Scott has said that sci-fi is dead. Twice. Everything has already [...]

October 13, 2008 // 1 Comment

SF Tidbits for 10/11/08

Chris Roberson looks at Kim Newman’s The Diogenes Club stories. Interviews and Profiles: Over at SFX, John Carpenter talks about The Thing“. Judith Spelman has [...]

October 11, 2008 // 0 Comments

SF Tidbits for 10/10/08

Interviews: @Adventures in Reading: Elizabeth Bear (All the Windwracked Stars). @Discover Magazine: Elisabeth Sladen (The Sarah Jane Adventures). Over at, John [...]

October 10, 2008 // 2 Comments

SF Tidbits for 10/9/08

SciFi Wire profiles Gene Wolfe who talks about his latest book, An Evil Guest. Tobias Buckell (Sly Mongoose) is podcast-interviewed at SciFiDimensions and Reality Break. Stay [...]

October 9, 2008 // 0 Comments

SF Tidbits for 10/8/08

Interviews & Profiles: @Macmillan: a video interview with Takashi Okazaki, author of (Afro Samurai) [via Tor’s MySpace page]. Neal Stephenson [...]

October 8, 2008 // 6 Comments

SF Tidbits for 10/7/08

Over at Subterranean Online, artist John Picacio dissects the work he did for Muse of Fire, the latest book by Dan Simmons. Another winner. Interviews & Profiles: [...]

October 7, 2008 // 0 Comments

SF Tidbits for 10/6/08

Free Fiction [courtesy of QuasarDragon]: @Gutenberg: Gulliver of Mars by Edwin Lester Linden Arnold @Manybooks: “A Question of Courage” by J. F. Bone (1960). [...]

October 6, 2008 // 0 Comments

SF Tidbits for 10/5/08

Interviews and Profiles: @Pat’s Fantasy Hotlist: Brent Weeks (The Night Angel Trilogy). @Adventures in SciFi Publishing: Jason Stoddard. @io9 profiles artist Frank Wu [...]

October 5, 2008 // 0 Comments

SF Tidbits for 10/4/08

Free Fiction [courtesy of QuasarDragon]: Free Excerpts: The Quiet War by Paul McAuley: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4A, Part 4B, and Part 5. @Manybooks: “Cully” [...]

October 4, 2008 // 0 Comments

SF Tidbits for 10/3/08

Did you watch the VP debate last night? Forget those clowns! Vote Shatner/Hasselhoff! [via Eric Nylund] Charles Stross clarifies his definition of near-future SF: “In [...]

October 3, 2008 // 2 Comments

SF Tidbits for 10/2/08

Interviews & Profiles: @Sci Fi Wire: Alan Dean Foster (Quofum). It’s apparently a Connie Willis Interviewing marathon! Mur Lafferty (part 2 of a video interview). [...]

October 2, 2008 // 0 Comments

SF Tidbits for 10/1/08

ComicMix rounds up all the different Iron Man DVD Exclusive Editions. That Costco one – with 3 Iron Man bobble heads each with one of the 3 suits from the film — [...]

October 1, 2008 // 0 Comments

SF Tidbits for 9/30/08

@SciFi Wire, Star Trek:TOS scribe D.C. Fontana picks her favorite Star Trek episodes, including ones written by Theodore Sturgeon, Harlan Ellison, and David Gerrold. [...]

September 30, 2008 // 0 Comments

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