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Tube Bits for 07/17/2007

“Tube bits?”, you say, wondering what the heck those are. Well, we already have John’s excellent ‘Tid Bits’ posts, but I thought we could branch out and focus on science fiction television. Tube Bits will focus on news items that deal with SF on TV. We’ll scour the web to find interesting nuggets of information, so you don’t have to!

  • The Sci Fi Channel is resurrecting Farscape as a series of 10 webisodes. No word on casting or premiere date. [Via -the Intertubes in general]
  • The Sci Fi Channel also announced their development slate for original programming. And I use the term ‘original’ in the ‘we take two or more ideas from existing properties and mash them together to make an original show’ sense. We’ve got a re-hash of The Incredibles, a mashup of Buck Rogers and John Carter Of Mars, the Odyssey meets American Gods and a bunch of ‘reality’ programming, as only Sci Fi can do. Very few look interesting.
  • NBC announces Sci Fi Mondays. Not as cool sounding as Sci Fridays, but hey, its SF on a prime time network. NBC will air Chuck, Heroes and Journeyman. Expect the premieres of most of these series in September.
  • Another clueless reporter discovers Battlestar Galactica and realizes not is it good TV, but science fiction can be good too. Describing BG as one of ‘those’ kinds of shows is a tip off to cluelessness.
  • More reportage xon upcoming SF series on the major networks. Apparently, SF is either stories about nerds, or stories for nerds. I guess you can’t have SF for regular people? I thought I was regular people.
  • And lastly, Slice Of Sci Fi has an interview with Claudia Black, whose mere presence in a show can kill it off (Farscape, SG-1, Dresden Files). (For Tim).

SF Tidbits for 7/17/07

  • Arrrrr! Andrew Wheeler reviews Pirate Freedom by Gene Wolfe.
  • Neil Walsh’s latest Books I’ve Been Avoiding: Overlooked or Over-hyped? column is up at SF Site: “Can there be such a thing as too many books? Lately I’ve been feeling I do indeed have too many books I haven’t read yet. But is that really too many books, or simply not enough time?”
  • Gail Martin shows off the cover of the next book in her Summoner series, The Blood King.
  • Washington Technology interviews John Scalzi. “One of the frequent complaints we hear about technology is that technology is isolating. I would argue the opposite. We are so connected now sometimes it’s hard to get away from each other.”
  • Scalzi, by the way, is giving free e-book copies of The Android’s Dream to overseas service people.
  • Tuesday YouTube: The original, pre-production trailer for Alien 3, which reflects the original William Gibson version (aliens on Earth). [via SciFi Scanner]
  • Here’s the transcript for NASA administrator Mike Griffin’s talk at the Heinlein Centennial. “So, a question that has often been asked and that I’ve asked myself is, ‘Was the growth of science fiction as a genre and hard science fiction in particular, a response to the cultural zeitgeist or was it a cause of it?'”
  • File under Things I Don’t Need But Want Anyway: An Alien Abduction Lamp.

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  • SF Scope is reporting that Daniel F. Galouye (Dark Universe) is the recipient of this year’s Cordwainer Smith Rediscovery Award, awarded to SF and fantasy writers whose work “displays unusual originality, embodies the spirit of Cordwainer Smith’s fiction, and deserves renewed attention or ‘Rediscovery’.” See also: Past winners.
  • SF Canada interviews Bantam editor Anne Groell.
  • The July 5th issue of Nature feature article “The Biologists Strike Back” includes looks at science fictions treatment of the biological sciences and includes comments from authors Ken MacLeod (who has a masters in biomechanics), Joan Slonczewski (professor of biology at Kenyon College), Paul McAuley (formerly lecturer in botany at the University of St. Andrews, Scotland), and Peter Watts (who has done research in marine biology). Here’s the supplementary text in PDF. [via Biology in Science Fiction]
  • Create your very own Who Wants to be a Superhero comic book creation and you could win prizes, courtesy of a SciFi Channel promotion.
  • Quasar Dragon has the TV classic Space Patrol!

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SF Tidbits for 7/6/07

My, what a busy blogosphere its been!

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SF Tidbits for 7/2/07

  • Artist Bob Eggleton shows off the cover he did for the reissue of Heinlein’s Farmer in the Sky.
  • Agent Alison Eldred points us to some nice eye candy in the form of stock images from client sf artists Jim Burns and John Harris.
  • Locus online posts the contents of the July 2007 issue of Locus magazine.
  • Crawford Kilian has posted the downloadable content from his book Writing Science Fiction and Fantasy and it has a wealth of cool links for the science fiction fan.
  • The Free Lance Star has an article on Robert A. Heinlein: Centenary a modern sci-fi giant. [via Mike Brotherton]
  • From The Houston Chronicle: The Future of Futurism. “Is science fiction thriving amid the pyrotechnics, or is it dying a slow and hideous death, suffocated by publishing-industry group-think and unimaginative movie execs drunk on sequels?”
  • The Telegraph offers Science fiction – or a horror story? “Among the things spoilt by the Nazis was science fiction.”
  • Marginal Revolution cites underrated science fiction (even though “the genre is mostly retreads”) and names Sphere by Michael Crichton, Star Maker by Olaf Stapledon and Gun with Occasional Music by Jonathan Lethem.
  • Gary Gibson has been added to the list of sf/f authors who blog.
  • Writers reviewing outside their field, Part 1: Paul Levinson loves Live Free and Die Hard.
  • Writers reviewing outside their field, Part 2: Cherie Priest almost rips Bob Saget a new one.
  • Retro Sci-Fi game from Adult Swim: Nine Billion Miles from Earth.

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