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Fans of HBO’s Game of Thrones will like this (spoilery) parody that leverages a musical number from Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas. What’s not to like?

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Here’s a brand new short from producer Bruce Timm featuring a lost tale from Batman’s past, the Dark Knight tracks a strange giant to the mysterious lair of Dr. Hugo Strange.

Don’t miss “Batman: Strange Days” and other unique DC Nation shorts Wednesday nights at 6:30 p.m. (5:30 CST) on Cartoon Network during Teen Titans Go!

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To get you in the mood for tonight’s season 4 premiere of Game of Thrones on HBO, here’s a video with all the killings they’ve showed…


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Kara Vallow has been a producer on Seth MacFarlane’s slate of animated shows such as Family Guy and American Dad, as well as Dilbert, Johnny Bravo, and Drawn Together. So when MacFarlane invited her to take charge of the animated segments for Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey, she was uncertain if she could do justice to the material. The result was stunning narratives about historical figures such as Giordano Bruno, William Herschel, and Isaac Newton.

In this interview we discuss how her animation team developed the unique style for the segments, the lasting impact of Carl Sagan, working with Ann Druyan and Neil deGrasse Tyson, bringing the Flammarion woodcut to life, Isaac Asimov’s The Last Question, and the Family Guy Star Wars specials.

Running time: 41 minutes

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Here’s Melodysheep‘s remix of HBO’s Game of Thrones into a catchy tune.

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Oatmeal Raisin Crisp…the cereal that psychos eat!
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John Richards was the co-creator/writer of the 2012 ABC1 sitcom Outland, about a gay science-fiction fan club (“Sensational writing, a great ensemble, and universal themes of love, loss, and friendship… a hit…” – The Weekend Australian. “Quite frankly, one of the best Australian series I’ve ever seen.” – Trespass Magazine). He also co-wrote the Eurovision-themed play Songs For Europe, was part of the Boxcutters and Splendid Chaps podcasts, and is a regular contributor to publications including DNA, Cult and Encore. His latest project is Night Terrace, an original sci-fi comedy audio series about two people lost in time and space, starring Jackie Woodburne (Neighbours).

SF Comedies on Radio and TV

by John Richards

There’s something about the fannish mind that lends itself to research. We like to collect the set, to see every episode, to discover all the hidden extras. We’ll read every book in the series, even if they’re increasingly terrible. I like to call this “The Piers Anthony Effect”.
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Michaele Jordan is the author of the period occult thriller Mirror Maze and her stories have appeared in Redstone Science Fiction, Buzzy Mag, The Crimson Pact, Volumes 4 and 5 and Fantasy and Science Fiction. You can visit her website at while waiting for the upcoming steampunk adventure Jocasta and the Indians.

Internationally Fannish

by Michaele Jordan
We in the United States tend to think of ourselves as being the leading edge in SF/F. After all, we invented it, right? We produce hundreds of titles every year. It’s a commonplace in our movies. It turns up regularly on TV. WorldCon is usually held here; out of seventy-two WorldCons (that’s counting this year’s Loncon 3), only sixteen have been held outside the US, and of those, only three were in countries where English is not the first language, the rest having been divided between Australia, Canada, England and Scotland. So we own SF/F, right?
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NBC is resurrecting their superhero drama Heroes in 2015 and calling it Heroes Reborn. Rather than committing to series, it’s being brought back as a “13-episode event miniseries”. The plot of the “Heroes Reborn” stand-alone story arc is being kept secret, but Heroes creator Tim Kring is said to be back as Executive Producer. NBC will also launch a digital series prior to the 2015 premiere that will introduce the characters and new storylines and leveraging social media to engage fans via the #HeroesReborn tag.

I thought I was done my Heroes rants, but…
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Friday YouTube: Shazam PSA

I sadly confess that my younger self’s television viewing consisted of regular doses of the live action Captain Marvel series, Shazam!. It’s mostly fallen from my memory. Thank goodness for YouTube. I guess.

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I loved the film From Dusk Till Dawn. It was like two movies in one and, not knowing what to expect, it hit me like a freight train.

Director Robert Rodriguez is re-launching his cult classic supernatural crime film as a television series for his new El Rey Network. I’m not quite sure I’m semsing the same magic from this trailer, but hey, you decide.

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Here’s one of my favorite moments from The Simpsons

Read the rest of this entry is reporting that Evergreen Studios is adapting David Weber’s Honor Harrington…and not just to film, but also in comic book, digital game, webisode, and television series formats.

Tales of Honor is what they’re calling their multi-platform adaptation, and no word yet on which part of the Honorverse — which includes dozens of novels and anthologies — will be adapted.

The Honor Harrington military science fiction series is named after its principal protagonist, Honor Harrington. She’s an intelligent, genetically engineered officer in the Royal Manticoran Navy of an interstellar monarchy, and she see lots of action and makes lots of enemies. Through a series of adventurous missions, Honor advances through the ranks, playing the roles of military heroine and later, an influential politician. The series, intentionally re-imagined as “Horatio Hornblower in space”, is set 2,000 years in the future when hyperspace travel allows humanity to colonize deep space.

Trailer: Game of Thrones Season 4

Season 4 of Game of Thrones premieres April 6 on HBO. Here’s the trailer…

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In case you need another reason to watch tonight’s episode of The Simpsons besides the tribute To Hayao Miyazaki, it features not one, but two (count ‘em) cameos of interest to genre fans. The first cameo is by comic book legend Stan Lee, who’s making his second Simpsons appearance. (The first one was 12 years ago!) The second cameo is none other than science fiction’s lovable curmudgeon, Harlan Ellison.

Here’s a sneak peek at their cameos as well as some behind-the-scenes interview footage.

The Simpsons airs Sunday at 8 P.M. ET/PT on Fox.

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The Simpsons Tribute To Hayao Miyazaki

I haven’t watched The Simpsons in a very long time, over a decade at least. But this clip, where the animators pay homage to legendary Japanese animator/director Hayao Miyazaki makes me want to watch tonight’s entire episode, at the very least. There are so many references to Miyazaki films that the 1:24 running time seems to just fly by. Well done!

If by some chance you haven’t seen any of Miyazaki’s films, good grief stop reading and go get Spirited Away to start with. You won’t be disappointed!

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Judging by this video, it appears that Worf was completely useless.

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Bitten – A New Syfy Series Based on the Books by Kelley Armstrong

I am a huge fan of Kelley Armstrong’s Otherworld series, especially the books featuring Elena Michaels, the world’s only female werewolf. So I was very excited to see that a new series is premiering on Syfy on Jan. 13th (10/9c) that’s based on the books!
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Here’s the trailer for the 2014 mid-season premiere airing next month on AMC.

Lord help me, I’m sticking with The Walking Dead, a show some call too slow, but which I seem to watch religiously every week.

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