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TRAILER: Battlestar Galactica – Blood and Chrome

Guess what, BSG fans? Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome premieres this Friday on Machinima Prime.

Check out the trailer right here:
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Simon and Garfunkel Sing “The Sound of Cylons”

“Hello Gaius, my old friend…”

Who knew Simon an Garfunkel did filk! That’s what one might think if they listened to this nearly spot-on parody of “The Sounds of Silence”.

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Quick Meme: Which SciFi Shows Had the Best Endings?

It is widely agreed that shows like Lost and Battlestar Galactica ended on a low note. I’ve also heard more than one person say the same for Quantum Leap. Although these shows were good overall, they shared endings that kinda sucked.

Which begs the question: Which SciFi shows had the best endings?

What’s you take? Sound off in the comments…

5 *More* Scifi or Fantasy Shows Now Streaming Via Netflix

I have really embraced Netflix and streaming video. Enough so that I made a post about 5 genre shows now streaming from the service just a couple days ago. Looking through the available content, though, I realized there were a lot more shows deserving of a mention.  So, here’s a list of five more shows!  (presented in no particular order)
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VIDEO: Battlestar Galactica – The 16-bit Game

This is inspired.

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SF Fanatic: Current Science Fiction On Television

From looking at the number of science fiction(ish) shows on television, you might think we’re in a renaissance of sorts for SF on TV. I listed all the SF shows that I watch regularly, irregularly, or have watched but quit. I was surprised at the quantity of shows that are out and when you add in the ones I don’t watch or never have, there is a lot of SF/F on TV.

But are we inundated with quality shows? Let’s find out! In no particular order:

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Question of the Day: What Are The Coolest SF Space Battles You’ve Seen?

Over at Gizmodo, Joseph Shoer, Ph.D candidate in aerospace engineering (fun fact: I had two separate college roommates who were both in A.E., at the same time!, until they weren’t) wrote this incredibly interesting and lengthy article on the physics of space battles, focusing on what a real battle might look like, what weapons, both offensive and defensive, might be deployed and what types of ships might be used. There’s not much on tactics, but you wouldn’t expect and aerospace engineer to be too up on that sort of thing; however, given the awesomeness of the rest of the article I’ll let that slide.

This article got me to thinking about how space battles are portrayed in science fiction on TV and film. Most of what we see is the Star Trek style battle with what would be capital ships apparently within visual range slugging it out toe-to-toe, waiting for someone’s shields to die first. There is also an amazing amount of huge spaceships zooming around and banking (in space? WTF? Banking against what?) all over the place. Unrealistic and, really, unimaginatively shot.

I then tried to think of cool space battles I had seen and I couldn’t really think of many. What I did come up with was a list of shows/films that did something a bit different:

Babylon 5 – One of my favorite SF shows of all time (#1) really changed the way space battles were shown on TV. First, the Starfurys actually used all three dimensions intelligently to maneuver around in and the big capital ships didn’t have shields and used centrifugal force to generate gravity (but turned off in battle) and things looked really different from the Trek styles. Lots of fighters zipping around and harassing the bigger ships. Toss in the Vorlons and Shadows with their ‘rip your @$$ in two’ beam weapons and things could get really interesting. The visual style was there, even if I wanted more! bigger! battles. Here’s a taste:

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Caprica: Will You Watch It?

The new BSG spinoff Caprica premieres tomorrow, January 22nd at 9/8C on the SyFy Channel. (A 91-minute extended cut of the pilot also appears to be available at their website.) The show is described as focusing on the Graystone and Adama families, and on the breakthrough in artificial intelligence that brings unforeseen consequences.

Here’s the trailer:

There’s been lots of BSG backlash towards the end of its run.

So the big question: Will you watch Caprica?

BSG/Queen Mashup: Battlestar Rhapsody

Help me decide if this is genius or just very, very sad.

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Friday YouTube: The Battlestar Galactica Gets Repossessed

economic times know no boundaries…

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Friday YouTube: Worst Viper Pilots Ever

Is it any wonder the Cylons wanted to kill them?

REMINDER: Battlestar Galactica Series Finale Airs Tonight

Just a reminder…

Battlestar Galactica‘s series finale airs tonight at 9PM (8PM Central) and runs 2 hours and 11 minutes.

If you watch it, come back here and tell us what you thought of it…

Tube Bits For 03/04/2009

It’s a veritable cornucopia of bits today, so let’s dive right on in!

Thoughts On Battlestar Galactica Season 4.5 So Far

We’re four episodes into the final 10 of Galactica, and I thought I’d talk a bit about what’s happened so far.

WARNING: Spoilers abound below so don’t read if you haven’t seen any of the new episodes.

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Friday YouTube: Jim from ‘The Office’ Describes Battlestar Galactica

…intentionally getting it wrong to egg on the office SciFi nerd, Dwight.

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Tuesday YouTube: Muppetstar Galactica

I jumped off the Battlestar Galactica train a season ago and I haven’t looked back. That is, until I caught the first two episodes of this last season to see if the fanboy raving was warranted. It wasn’t. What a snoozefest.

So, I echo Chris Roberson‘s sentiment when I blatantly copy: “Honestly, I think I’d rather watch a whole season of this than the last limping days of BSG…”

REMINDER: Cast of BSG on Letterman Tonight

This is just a friendly reminder that the cast of Battlestar Galactica will be appearing on The Late Show with David Letterman tonight. They will be presenting the nightly Top 10 list.

See original post.

10 Reasons to Watch David Letterman on March 19th

SCI FI Wire sez that ten stars of Battlestar Galactica will be making an appearance on CBS’ Late Show With David Letterman to present the Top 10 List on Wednesday March 19.

The BSG stars include Edward James Olmos, Mary McDonnell, Katee Sackhoff, Jamie Bamber, James Callis, Tricia Helfer, Grace Park, Michael Hogan, Aaron Douglas and Lucy Lawless.

Or, as Tim would say, Boomer and nine other people. :)

Battlestar Galactica‘s Season 4 Start Date Revealed!

Image courtesy of EW and kidddrunkadelic14’s Flickr page.

We’ve been given some exciting, and official, news regarding the new start date of Battlestar Galactica‘s Season 4 (there was some mix up with the press release so no link to it). Galactica will return on April 4th and will run for 10 episodes.

No word on whether the 10 episodes are a result of the previously mentioned splitting of the final season into two, or a forced split because of the writer’s strike. Still, now we can see how the above picture’s clues play out in the actual show. Stringing us out for an extra ‘season’ is rather weak, but at least we’ll get to see more Galactica. I’m hoping the show rights itself now that it is definitely ending. And I’d really like to see a bang up ending. Here’s to hoping.

Review: Razor

Tonight’s the night Galactica fans have been waiting for. We finally get to see what happened to Pegasus during and after the Cylon attack on the colonies. It promises a return to the ‘one step from oblivion’ tension of the first season, and, for the most part, it succeeds.

First, the good stuff. Razor is well acted, with most actors turning in good to great performances. From a story standpoint, the tale of the Pegasus itself is told in flashback, but we do get to see some of what happened to her and her crew. Which brings us to the battle sequences. Tim and I were talking last week about space battle scenes, and I realized that Galactica, the new one, is chock full of great scenes. Razor is no exception. The attack on the space dock where Pegasus is undergoing repairs is awesome. The others aren’t quite as exciting, but they still manage to be visually interesting and well shot.

However, I did have some issues with Razor. Those of you expecting a lot of backstory on the Pegasus leading up to her encounter with Galactica, you’ll be a bit disappointed. The Pegasus‘s story is told in flashback form, centering on Kendra Shaw, who has become Lee Adama’s XO. We see the events that lead to the questionable actions of Admiral Cain and her crew after the Cylon attack, including the murder of innocents from a civilian fleet of ships running from the Cylons.

This is where the story falters. The flashbacks seemed very clunky to me, focusing on the wrong things. For example, in one scene, Cain gathers her officers together and states that, though they will fight the Cylons as long as they can, they won’t recklessly throw people at the Cylons. In the next scene, the Pegasus is attacking a base star and Cain orders the remaining Viper squadrons into what is a suicide attack. Her XO objects which leads to Cain executing him on the spot, even though he was right. No explanation forthcoming to explain why Cain went from reasonable but tough to psycho beotch from hell. She then continues to operate from the deep end, acting in an insane manner, with no real explanation. This leads to Major Shaw also taking questionable action during the encounter with the civilian fleet. Again, little explanation was given for why she would do what she did, or why she was the type of person who would be influenced by Cain’s actions.

Of course, it does setup the obvious tale of redemption that takes place during the ‘current’ time frame of Razor. A scouting mission from Galactica has gone missing, and Pegasus is tasked to find them. Of course they run into Cylons and must rescue the scouting mission from very familiar, but still rather cheesy, looking Cylons. Lee sends a mission to infiltrate a base star and extract the human crew. Which led me to ask why would you risk an entire battlestar, without backup, to rescue three people? Tactically, it doesn’t make sense. But from the redemption standpoint, of course they had to. This part felt forced, and not just for Shaw’s story.

It’s at the end, aboard the base star, that we learn the ultimate ‘fate’ for Starbuck and how it will affect humanity. If there had been no mission to the base star, we wouldn’t have had a chance to learn this secret. The way it was told felt forced, but it doesn’t really affect the impact of the information. What we learn makes season four much more interesting. Maybe we’ll even get to see how it ends.

Overall, while Razor is better than most of season three, it doesn’t live up to the tightness of the first season. Still, it’s well worth watching, especially for Galactica fans, who will be watching regardless.