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Craig Ferguson’s “Lost” Doctor Who Musical Number

Craig Ferguson shows his audience the “lost” Doctor Who musical number that’s even campier tan the show itself…

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Superman, Batman and The Doctor Walk into a Cafe…

No, seriously…

The folks behind How It Should’ve Ended and Superhero Cafe, bring us a special video for Doctor Who Week – Who’s A Hero – featuring Superman, Batman and the Doctor.

Favorite line?

“What would a bat do with a screwdriver?”

“You could’ve saved Rory and Amy!”

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Anime Doctor Who!

Everything you need to know is in the title of this post.
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Can’t wait until November 23rd for the new Doctor Who? Maybe this will whet your appetite. It’s a short mini-episode called “The Night of the Doctor” and it features Paul McGann as The Doctor.
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TRAILER: The Day of The Doctor

The full trailer for Doctor Who’s 50th Anniversary episode, The Day of the Doctor, is here!

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TRAILER: Doctor Who 50th Anniversary

I’m looking forward to the 50th Anniversary Doctor Who special. How about you?
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Cookie Monsters and Other Edible Literary Figures

Hi guys!  I’m new here and, while I will rarely ever write reviews,* I plan on putting pen to paper (figuratively speaking of course) to share all sorts of geeky and genre related goodies with you beginning today.  So, I thought I’d break the ice with some amazing cookie cutters based on a few of our favorite bookish fandoms.  Who doesn’t like cookies, right?**

Here goes nothin’…

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Story Bundle Announces The (Unofficial) Doctor Who Bundle

StoryBundle announced a new (Unofficial) Doctor Who Bundle Bundle.

The initial titles in The (Unofficial) Doctor Who Bundle (minimum $3 to purchase) are:

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VIDEO: Doctor Who – The Musical!

When the powers-that-be decide to make a real Doctor Who musical, they would do well to take tips from this fan-made video. A catchy show tune, this is…and should the earwom take hold, you can download the song and read the lyrics from bandcamp and listen/sing to your heart’s content.

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Tuesday Tune: “Wanna Be Doctor Who-ed” by Kristen Quintrall

A pop-tune ode to Doctor Who

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If Doctor Who Were a Stop-Monition Animation

Doctor Puppet is a charmind stop-motion-style animated takeoff of Doctor Who. Here is the latest epsiode, “The Red X”.

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In the prequel to the new season…”the Doctor takes a break on Earth, despondent that he can’t find Clara”…

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In celebration of the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who, BBC Books is reissuing eleven Doctor Who novels, most of them classics. Each novel features one of the eleven Doctors and has been redesigned with new covers (including 50th anniversary branding) and new introductions.

According to Amazon, all books in the series will be available in March. However, note that BBC’s site lists the release date as July.

Embiggened cover images an synopses follow the jump…

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SF in the Pages of Doctor Who

Have you noticed the trend of established authors writing Doctor Who novels? I have, and I wrote about it.

You can find Drawn to the Pages of Doctor Who over on the Kirkus Reviews Blog today.

Or, has it been there for millions of years…?

(See what I did there?)

VIDEO: “Blink to the Future” – A Doctor Who / Back to the Future Mash-Up

“It’s your kid, Rory. Something’s got to be done about your kid!”

This video is full of wonderful mash-up moments.  I especially liked 9-Stein. :)

Check it out after the jump!  …and whatever you do, don’t blink.

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ANIMATED SHORT: How the Doctor Puppet Saved Christmas

A little late for Christmas, but hey, we can’t all have time-traveling phone booths and get posts in on time.

In this cute animation by Alisa Stern, the Doctor puppet must save New York. Again.

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For what will undoubtedly for some be 11 times better than licking Isaac Asimov, the Royal Mail has revealed 11 new Doctor Who stamps.

I wonder if you can use these stamps to pay bills that are way past their due date without penalty by sending them back in time? Or maybe you will be able to mail bow-ties for free because they’re cool.

Bigger pics of the individual stamps can be found after the (time) jump….
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As if the upcoming Doctor Who Christmas Special needed any further buzz, here comes this prequel mini-sode called “The Great Detective”. A nice extra, but the real deal is in the trailer for the Christmas Special istelf, an episode titled “The Snowmen”

Here are both for your weekend enjoyment.
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Following the last season of Doctor Who Series 6 (aired in the sates by BBC America), Stephen Moffat and the BBC announced that the new/next/2012 season would not air until the Fall. This didn’t sit well with a lot of fans of the show, including me. It felt like a really long break to take, which meant that when the show came back, it would need to rebuild the momentum from the previous seasons, and deliver some truly strong episodes to propel it forward into the 50th anniversary year.

Did it?

I’m not so sure…

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Fans of NBC’s Community already know the sordid story of Inspector Spacetime, the in-show Doctor Who parody enacted by lovable nerd-geeks Troy and Abed.

For the uninitiated, here’s the short version: There was a particular episode of Community in which they showed a live action version of Inspector Spacetime. The title character was played by actor Travis Richey, who attempted to produce a real-life Inspector Spacetime via Kickstarter. Didn’t work. NBC’s lawyers ex-ter-min-ated the effort shortly after it began. So Richey, wise to the ways of fan outcry and parody, renamed his project. The official title is Untitled Web Series About a Space Traveler Who Can Also Travel Through Time, a name generic enough to rally fans and repel NBC’s lawyers.

Here is the fruit of that effort:
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