8-Bit Avengers, Assemble!

Is it harder to assemble when you only have 8 bits to work with? Find out in this old-school video game re-imagining of The Avengers!

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8-Bit Cinema: A Clockwork Orange

This 8-bit version of A Clockwork Orange is fairly decent, if you and your droogs go in for a little of the ol’ ultraviolence. The only thing this needs to make it perfect is a bit of the old Ludwig van…

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Star Trek in 90 Seconds (and 8-bits)

A short retro-game-style animation tailored for the short attention span of the Twitter generation. Or, just a cool video. You decide!
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“Game of Thrones” Season 2 as an 8-Bit RPG

Does this need an NSFW warning? You bet!
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After seeing this, my only thought is: how did we not see this coming?

[via Topless Robot]