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Catching Up on SciFi Movies (Part 17): Princess of Mars / The X Files / Clash of the Titans

Continuing a trend tailor-made for the Twitter generation, here are my quick takes on a few recently-watched genre-related films.

Quick thoughts follow…
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Watch John Carter Fight White Apes in This 5-Minute Clip

OK, now I’m really intrigued…

YouTube version after the jump
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A Dumbed-Down Trailer for ‘John Carter’

Disney has released a new, simplified version of the trailer for John Carter, the adaptation of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ A Princess of Mars that hits theaters March 9th.

Who is John Carter? (A John Carter Primer)

With Disney’s trailers and announced March release of the movie John Carter, readers of the books that inspired the movie are at once hopeful and fearful: hopeful that the movie will actually capture the imagination as well as the initial reading of Edgar Rice Burroughs Barsoom series did; fearful that the movie will be an unfaithful adaptation, or, at worst a lemon in the tradition of pulp movie adaptations like the Doc Savage movie.

Though never a large Tarzan fan, I, like many readers my age, tore through the other worlds created by ERB. But Barsoom was always the cornerstone. Here, then, is a Primer on John Carter and the Barsoom series of novels.

SPOILER ALERTS – for those readers who have not read the books and would like to be surprised at the movie plot (which hopefully doesn’t stray to far from the book plot line), this primer is written with the potential spoiler pieces at the end. Feel free to read the Author section. The John Carter section contains a bit of preview, but stay away from the sections below that if you want to go into the movie fresh.

SEE ALSO: VIDEO: A John Carter Primer – Everything You Need to Know Before Seeing the Disney Film
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REVIEW: A Princess of Mars by Edgar Rice Burroughs

REVIEW SUMMARY: A long-overdue read of a science fiction classic that was every bit as enjoyable as I’d hoped it’d be.


BRIEF SYNOPSIS: Adventurer John Carter becomes trapped on Mars, proves his mettle through his superior fighting skills and tries to free (and win the heart of) Dejah Thoris, Princess of Helium.

PROS: Story moves along quickly; imaginative; easily identifiable and likable characters.
CONS: Some plot points will threaten suspension of disbelief for some.
BOTTOM LINE: A wholly enjoyable pulp adventure that became the template for the planetary adventure story.

Much to my embarrassment, I have to admit only recently have I read Edgar Rice Burroughs’ science fiction classic A Princess of Mars. Even if the impending Hollywood adaption John Carter of Mars turns out to be worthless, I can at least give it credit for prompting me to repair this glaring deficiency in my science fiction reading.
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