A.R. Witham is a multiple Emmy® award-winning writer. He spent a few years working for Quentin Tarrantino during the making of Pulp Fiction, and for the next several years he was paid to write action screenplays including the Christopher Lambert & Ice-T cult hit Mean Guns. His most recent work is the World’s First Moving Novel exclusively for the iPad, Black Jack.

All Along the Watchtower

by A.R. Witham

Part of the fun of being a geek is living in the future. We serve as the bellwether of the things to come. We are the lookout whose eyes are fixed on the golden horizon. We are Heimdall standing vigil at the Rainbow Bridge. And it is good.

Hell, it is awesome.

As outsiders, we embrace X-Men as being important because all of us are outcasts, we value Narnia for giving us an experience of faith without the church and we applaud Hunger Games for ripping the old masks off a deeper truth. As geeks, we embrace these things before anyone else gets to them, and we love them best.

There is a new future coming, and it is amazing.
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