Friday YouTube: Facehugger PSA

You know, just because you have been attacked by one of those facehuggers from Alien, that doesn’t mean you can lead a normal, productive life. So sez the message in this PSA that seems to fall short of the part where that introduced the chestburster, but carries an important life lesson to enjoy the moment.

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MOVIE REVIEW: Prometheus (2012)

REVIEW SUMMARY: Ridley Scott returns to science fiction with a lifeless, derivative prequel to one of his most famous movies.


BRIEF SYNOPSIS: After finding identical cave paintings throughout the world, a pair of scientists boards the starship Prometheus bound for an alien planet to uncover the origins of humanity, and uncover horrors they never anticipated.

PROS: Strong casting, especially of Noomi Rapace and Michael Fassbinder; good looking visuals; strong incorporation of 3D technology.
CONS: Derivative screenplay and underwhelming direction; never engaging emotionally or intellectually; too familiar ground covered.

Like the prodigal son returning home, Ridley Scott comes back to science fiction after more than twenty-five years.  The count includes his beautiful but deeply flawed fantasy Legend; the last time he focused his camera on true quill science fiction was thirty years ago, with the now classic Bladerunner.  And if one judged Prometheus solely on the year-long anticipation and hype surrounding it, to say nothing of the viral future dispatches from Weyland Industries, its grosses would match Joss Whedon’s Marvel’s The Avengers within ten days and we would acknowledge it as an instant classic.  Hugo voters no doubt would bestow the 2012 Dramatic Presentation award early, sight unseen.
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VIDEO: Predator’s Teenage Son

Are you a parent?

Ever tried to connect with your kid but found that they are so different they feel a little alien?

Well, CollegeHumor put this video together to let you know, they feel your pain:
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VIDEO: Alien – The Easter Edition

Pretty much what you expect, but no less amusing for it.

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SF Tidbits for 9/16/09

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Take the Alien Ultimate Fan Quiz

I’ve got a new post up at AMC’s SciFi Scanner this week. It’s a quiz that covers the four Alien films and — God help me — even briefly covers the Predator crossover films.

So hop on over and see if you know the answers to the Alien Ultimate Fan Quiz or if it’s game over, man, game over. (See what I did there?)

SF Tidbits for 8/4/09

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SF Tidbits for 8/1/09

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