Born in the seaside/country town of Geraldton, Western Australia, and raised her on a diet of Rocky, Rambo, Muhammad Ali and AC/DC, Amanda Bridgeman grew up somewhat of a tomboy, preferring to watch action/sci-fi films over the standard rom-com, and liking her music rock hard. That said, she can swoon with the best of them and is really not a fan of bugs. In Perth (WA), she pursued her dreams to study film & television/creative writing at Murdoch University (BA Communication Studies). She is a writer and a film buff. She loves most genres, but is particularly fond of the Spec-Fic realm. She likes action, epic adventures, and strong characters that draw you in, making you want to follow them on their wild, rollercoaster rides. Her debut novel Aurora:Darwin was published with Momentum in May 2013, and the sequel Aurora: Pegasus was released in December 2013.

My Genre Maidens

by Amanda Bridgeman

Sports fans do it all the time and Marvel and DC Comics are getting in on the action too – creating their dream teams, their fantasy leagues (think The Avengers, Justice League, etc). I’m a huge fan of The Avengers, because let’s face it, it’s a pretty awesome line-up: Thor, Iron Man, the Hulk, Captain America, Hawkeye, and Black Widow – all on the one screen. This trend isn’t limited to comic superheroes, however, with the recent release of The Expendables series – a gathering of top action stars, past and present. And now there are moves to create the Expendabelles, an all-female line up.

Thinking about this trend, I started wondering what an all-female line up could look like, and more importantly, what I would want one to look like. So, I sat down, and like Marvel and DC Comics, created my own fantasy league. This wasn’t an exercise in feminism, but a celebration of the female genre superstars that have inspired me and my writing.
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