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Mythgard Institute’s In-Depth Course on ENDER’S GAME

This Spring, Mythgard Institute is offering a free course on Orson Scott Card’s Ender’s Game, taught by Dr. Amy H. Sturgis. The six week online course will focus on book for the first five weeks, and then the Gavin Hood film in the final session. The course runs from April 1st to May 6.

From the course page:

This spring, the Mythgard Academy explores new frontiers, making its first foray into the genre of science fiction with the much-loved modern classic, Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card. We will discuss the book in five weekly sessions, and then take a sixth session in which to discuss the recent film adaptation of the book. Like all Mythgard Academy classes, this study is free and open to the public. You can download audio or video recordings of the class sessions here from our website, through our Mythgard podcast feed on iTunes, or through our Ender’s Game course on iTunes U. You are also invited to participate in the class live! The first 100 attendees will be able to take part in the interactive class discussions, which will take place on Tuesday evenings at 9:30 pm (EDT), starting on April 1, 2014.

Get more details at the Mythgard Institute course page.

Sherlock, Science and Ratiocination

The Mythgard Institute, home to learning courses geared towards genre fans, introduces a new course for the Fall 2013 session: Sherlock, Science and Ratiocination with Dr. Amy H. Sturgis.

Here’s the course description and video explaining what it’s about:
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Registration Now Open for Mythgard Institute’s Science Fiction and Fantasy Courses

Mythgard Institute has posted the schedule for their Spring 2013 courses.

They include the following juicy programs for genre lovers:
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Live Video Lecture: “The Hunger Games” and the SF Tradition

Attention Hunger Games fans! (You know who you are!)

Amy H. Sturgis writes in to tell us about a cool video lecture she’s giving on September 1st, 2012: The Hunger Games and the SF Tradition. Hosted by Starship Sofa, the live video lecture takes an in-depth look at both the book and film version of The Hunger Games in the context of science fiction.

More details can be found on the event page and the following course description…
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Amy H. Sturgis To Teach New and Innovative Online “History of Science Fiction” Course

In association with the Mythgard Institute, Professor Amy H. Sturgis will be teaching the course Science Fiction, Part I – From Modern Beginnings through the Golden Age (1818-1966), described thusly:

What does it mean to be human? Are we alone? What wonders or terrors will tomorrow hold? Join award-winning scholar Dr. Amy H. Sturgis as she explores the ways in which the literature of science fiction over time has asked the question: “What if?” This course will consider the development of the genre from “proto-SF” writings through the Golden Age, with an eye toward how the great works and movements within science fiction both reflect the concerns and attitudes of their time and imagine beyond them. Discover why author Ray Bradbury called science fiction “the most important literature in the history of the world.”

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SF Tidbits for 9/19/09

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SF Tidbits for 8/29/09

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