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LIVES OF TAO Author Wesley Chu Re-Signs with Angry Robot Books in Six-Figure Deal

Publisher Angry Robot reports that author Wesley Chu, author of the Lives of Tao series, has re-signed with the publisher in a six-figure deal.

Press release follows…
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[#AngryRobot5] Kaaron Warren Celebrates Angry Robot’s 5th Birthday by Naming The 5 Most Horrendous Real People You May Not Have Heard Of (+ Giveaway!)

[Eidtor’s Note: Angry Robot is celebrating their 5th birthday this week! Here’s Angry Robot horror author Kaaron Warren wishing them a happy birthday in her unique way…]

The 5 Most Horrendous Real People You May Not Have Heard Of

by Kaaron Warren

Stevie Searle from Slights, serial killer, bad neighbour, worse friend, is a figment of my imagination. But even my twisted imagination can’t match reality.

In honour of Angry Robot’s fifth birthday, here are five of the most horrendous real people you may not have heard of.
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[GUEST POST] Christian Schoon on The Shutting Down of Strange Chemistry

Christian Schoon spent several years as an in-house writer with the Walt Disney Company in Burbank, CA, before going out on his own as a freelance writer working for various film, home video and animation studios in Los Angeles. After moving from LA to a farmstead in the American Midwest, he now works on his novels, continues freelance for the entertainment industry and also volunteers with groups dedicated to rehabilitating wildlife and fostering abused/neglected horses. His novels Zenn Scarlett and the sequel Under Nameless Stars were published by from Strange Chemistry Books.

A Strange Chemistry Author’s Take His Imprint’s Vaporization

by Christian Schoon

There was a big disturbance in the Force just recently. SF&F publisher Angry Robot Books announced the closure of their Strange Chemistry (Young Adult SF&F) and Exhibit A (Crime Fiction) imprints. I’m an author with Strange Chemistry, and while the news came as a surprise to me and the other authors in the SC stable, with hindsight, and in the context of today’s red-in-tooth-and-claw publishing environment, maybe it shouldn’t have come as entirely shocking news. (A disclaimer: this post contains no privileged information or secret decoder ring decoding. It’s just me and some opinions/gleanings from what’s been drifting around on the interwebs in the last few days).
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Angry Robot Brings eBook Bundling Program to the USA

Angry Robot books will be offering free ebook editions with all physical copies of Angry Robot Books sold at leading independent bookstores.

Deatils can be found in the following press release…
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Exclusive Cover Reveal! “The Lives of Tao” by Wesley Chu

Here is the cover art and synopsis of the upcoming Angry Robot novel The Lives of Tao by Wesley Chu.

Click the image for a larger version.

Here’s the synopsis:
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Fun with Friends—Helen Lowe Talks with Fellow Authors from Australia and New Zealand: Today’s Guest Is Adam Christopher

About the Series:

“Fun with Friends” is an SF Signal interview series in which I feature fellow SFF authors from Australia and New Zealand. The format is one interview per month, with no more than five questions per interview, focusing on “who the author is” and “what she/he does” in writing terms.

This month’s guest is Adam Christopher, a New Zealand author now based in the UK,whose first novel, Empire State (Angry Robot, 2011), received a very positive reception. His second novel, Seven Wonders (Angry Robot, 2012), is new out.

Allow me to introduce Adam Christopher:
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The SF Signal Podcast (Episode 161): WorldCon Interview with Adam Christopher

In episode 161 of the SF Signal Podcast, Patrick Hester chats at WorldCon with Adam Christopher, who admits to loving American pancakes and Twinkies…

About Adam: Adam Christopher is the author of Empire State and Seven Wonders from Angry Robot, and the forthcoming Shadow’s Call from Tor Books. Born in Auckland, New Zealand, Adam grew up watching Pertwee-era Doctor Who and listening to The Beatles, which isn’t a bad start for a child of the 80s. In 2006, Adam moved to the North West of England. When not writing Adam can be found drinking tea and obsessing over superhero comics and The Cure.

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The SF Signal Podcast (Episode 111): An Interview with Author Lavie Tidhar

In episode 111 of the SF Signal Podcast, Patrick Hester sits down to chat with author Lavie Tidhar.

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SF Tidbits for 7/30/09

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