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Short Film: Orbitas

Orbitas is the story of an impossible love that takes place above a warring planet.

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Video Game Stop-Motion Animation with Everyday Objects

Adam Pesapane, a.k.a “PES”, is a stop-motion animation filmmaker. File this video-game themed animation under Oddly Captivating…

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SHORT FILM: Changing Batteries

Here’s a story of an old woman and a robot….

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Short Film: Batman vs. The Terminator

Here’s a decent fan film mashup that’s worth a look. It’s Batman vs. The Terminator by Tony Guerrero, Noir Deco, and Mitchell Hammond. The plot here is more teaser than story, but I like the animation style and I have to admit that the idea of the dark Knight fighting terminator is appealing.

But you decide…

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Short Film: Unimagined Friends

Carl is an unimagined friend who wants to be imagined, but no one else seems to understand just how great a friend he would be.
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Short Epic Fantasy Film: Exordium

Are you in the mood for a gritty (and graphic) fantasy animation? Then check out Exordium, described thusly:

A group of warriors confront that which stands between them and the power to save their people in this rotoscoped animated fantasy short created by Morgan Galen King’s Gorgonaut studios. Starring Jon Tomlinson, and featuring music by Strand of Oaks, Ice Dragon, and Jonn Ollsin

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Video: Man of Steel The Animated Series (Or, Superman is Kind of a Jerk)

Fresh off his run in the theaters, and just in time for the DVD release of Man of Steel on Tuesday, November 12th, Screen Junkies brings us a great new animated Man of Steel…

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Sunday Cinema: Salesman Pete and The Amazing Stone From Outer Space

Salesman Pete is not your run-of-the-mill clumsy salesman. Thanks to the super-advanced microprocessor implanted into his brain by mad scientists from the government, he’s also a deadly super secret agent. Good thing, too, because what the world needs is someone to stop the danger unleashed when bad guys steal a magic stone that turns can change anything into seafood.

I hate when that happens. But I love this short film.

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Animated for Your Pleasure: The “Star Trek” Pie-Eating Story From “Breaking Bad”

Breaking Bad is yet another one of those shows that everyone recommends and I never have the time to watch. If I was watching it, I would have seen the bit where one of the characters is talking about his idea for a Star Trek that sounds like that pie-eating scene in Stand By Me…if it were directed by Paul Verhoeven.

Now someone has taken that audio snippet from the show and animated it. God, I loves the Internets…
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Saturday Morning ‘Toon: “Mirage”

In this short animated film by by Iker Maidagan and Dana Terrace, a young Inuit boy reaches waters no one has ever reached before while trying to fish in the Arctic wilderness.
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In the Short Film “Masks”, Clones Refuse to be Eaten by Their Giant Masters

In this bizarre but captivating animation by Patrick Smith, “masked men exploit an edible smaller species as a renegade scientist perfects a cloning process to satisfy demand, but the clones conceal a destructive secret.” This is Smith’s visualization of musician Karl von Kries’ seven minute audio score.
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Saturday Morning ‘Toon: “Paul and the Dragon”

Paul and the Dragon is an affecting animated short created, directed and animated by Albert ‘t Hooft and Paco Vink from Anikey Studios.

Paul is feeling sick and needs to go to the hospital. After several tests he is diagnosed with cancer. ?He does not understand what is happening to him, and what the medications are doing. ?He feels scared and alone. His doctor explains to him that the cancer is like a dragon in ?his body that needs to be fought. As a true hero, young Paul fights the dragon, together ?with the medications and the love of his family, and wins.

This film supports the efforts of the American Childhood Cancer Organization, acco.org — tip ‘em at Vimeo!

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Animated Video: The Life of an Astronaut

From YouTube:

As commander of Skylab 4, NASA astronaut Jerry Carr has spent over 2000 hours in space, breaking the world record for individual time in space. In this animated TEDEd lecture, Carr recounts his life as an astronaut from the beginning of training to his first assignment as commander.

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Animated Short: “The Price” by Neil Gaiman

In 2006, filmmaker Christopher Salmon really, really wanted to create a 3D CG animated film of Neil Gaiman’s short story, “The Price”. So he created this proof-of-concept short animation to convince Neil to grant him the rights to the story.

It worked: The Price is now in production.

Salmon posted his touching proof-of-concept short online. Watch it right here…

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VIDEO: 1992’s X-Men Intro – In Stop Motion

Who doesn’t remember the awesomeness that was the 90’s X-Men animated series?  The folks behind this pretty nifty stop-motion animation version of the intro to that cartoon, that’s who!

Check it out after the jump!

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Epic is a 3D CG action-adventure comedy that reveals a hidden world unlike any other. From the creators of Ice Age and Rio, Epic tells the story of an ongoing battle deep in the forest between the forces of good who keep the natural world alive and the forces of evil who wish to destroy it. When a teen age girl finds herself magically transported into this secret universe, she must band together with a rag-tag team of fun and whimsical characters in order to save their world..and ours.

Check out the latest trailer after the jump…
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Here’s the Trailer for Tom Hank’s New Animation Project “Electric City”

Premiering July 17th on Yahoo is Tom Hanks’ new project, the web series called Electric City. The series was created by Hanks, who stars in it with Jeanne Tripplehorn, Holland Taylor (who worked with Hanks on Bosom Buddies), Ginnifer Goodwin, Jason Antoon, Chris Parnell, and Paul Scheer. Electric City is described thusly:

The world as we know it has ended and out of the rubble, the Electric City stands as a symbol of peace and security. Yet under the veneer of order lies a world full of secrets and violence. Secret police, back-alley dealings, daring chases, and murder all find a home in the “Electric City.” Through the lens of a functioning, yet dystopian metropolis, “Electric City” touches upon relevant global issues and themes including energy consumption, freedom of information, crime and punishment and more. The story unfolds gradually, layering mystery upon mystery, inviting viewers to interact with the content and each other. Metaphors and symbols are woven throughout, creating a perfect environment for puzzle-solving and community interaction. Like good science fiction, “Electric City” raises provocative questions about our own way of life and value systems. Short-form connecting storylines combined with vivid animation and a compelling score will keep audiences watching, while metaphors and a range of subject lines will keep them guessing—and reflecting.

In addition to superior quality, high-end graphic animation designed specifically for the Internet, “Electric City” on Yahoo! Screen will feature an immersive and interactive online experience featuring a 3-D map of ‘Electric City,’ behind-the-scenes footage of the cast, games and more. The “Electric City” experience can be found on http://electriccity.yahoo.com.

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There’s a New Avatar In Town: The Legend of Korra Premieres April 14th

A few years back, I was hanging out with one of my friends and his kid did this kung-fu move and shouted something about bending air at me.  I had no idea what he was talking about.  Then my friend suddenly kicked the ground, did another kung-fuey move, and said something about bending earth.

I was completely lost.

It was explained to me that there was this ‘kick ass show’ called Avatar: The Last Airbender that all the kids were into and that it was also pretty entertaining for their parents.  Ok.  I didn’t check it out until Netflix started streaming the show and found that I was really impressed.  My only complaint came when I realized how few episodes there actually were of the series: 3 seasons, 61 episodes.  Still, given how poorly genre shows typically do with series endings, I had to admit that Avatar at least had a beginning, a middle and (most importantly) an end.  A pretty good one, too. The show had a rich world and great characters.  I think a sequel was inevitable.

Enter: The Legend of Korra.

WARNING:Spoilers for the original series from this point forward!

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DVD REVIEW: Justice League – Doom

Loosely based on Mark Waid’s JLA comic book story arc, “JLA: Tower of Babel”, Justice League: Doom is the latest in the line of animated DC Movies from Warner Brothers. Adapted and written by Dwayne McDuffie, Justice League: Doom features Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash (Barry Allen), The Green Lantern (Hal Jordon) and Martian Manhunter battling Metallo, Bane, Cheetah, Mirror Master, Star Sapphire, Ma’alefa’ak and Vandal Savage for the fate of the world.


Let’s face it; Batman/Bruce Wayne is a dick.  He doesn’t trust anyone, he lurks in the dark, plays with bats, puts together comprehensive scenarios to take down his fellow Justice League members…that sort of thing…
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The SF Signal Podcast (Episode 103): Panel Round up of Our Favorite SF&F Movies and TV Shows of 2011

In episode 103 of the SF Signal Podcast, Patrick Hester asks the SF Signal Irregulars to chime in with their Favorite Science Fiction and Fantasy Movies and TV Shows from 2011.

This week’s panel includes:

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