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Ari Marmell

BOOK REVIEW: Lost Covenant by Ari Marmell

December 3, 2013 // 1 Comment

REVIEW SUMMARY: Marmell continues to explore the growing up of a teenage thief with a God in her head as she is on the run outside her home city. MY RATING: BRIEF SYNOPSIS: [...]

Book Review: False Covenant by Ari Marmell

June 27, 2012 // 0 Comments

SYNOPSIS: Widdershins next adventure has the rags to riches to rags thief face off against a strange supernatural foe that threatens an already stressed and threatened city [...]

Free PDF Book: Black Crusade by Ari Marmell

March 15, 2010 // 1 Comment

Ari Marmell, author of the upcoming fantasy novel The Conqueror’s Shadow, is offering his gothic horror/fantasy Black Crusade available as a free PDF download. Ari [...]