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Beware the Hairy Mango (Throwback!): The Next Vampire Story

You ever wonder what it sounded like when I spoke slowly on Beware the Hairy Mango? Well, pretend you’ve wondered. It sounded a lot like this terribly old episode!

One has to delve deeply into ancient knowledge to unlock the secrets of the vampire! Yes, as ancient as episode 12! Don your steel-belted shirt collars and wander aimlessly into “The Next Vampire Story!”

WARNING: You’ll be sleeping with the lights on! Even if you work third shift and sleep during the day!

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Did You Hear? Ian Tregillis (SOMETHING MORE THAN NIGHT) is on The Functional Nerds Podcast

Genre fiction author extraordinaire Ian Tregillis is the guest this week on The Functional Nerds podcast.  Ian, John Anealio and Patrick Hester talk about noir, The Hobbit and Ian’s new novel, Something More Than Night.

Listen below, or click through to Functional Nerds to listen, or subscribe to the podcast through iTunes.

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[EXCLUSIVE AUDIO] Live at WorldCon 2012: Hugh Howey Reads From His Story “The Walk Up Nameless Ridge”

Hugh Howey is as kind as he is a talented writer, and this live reading of The Walk Up Nameless Ridge will prove that I mean that as a compliment. Recorded from his reading at ChiCon7, this story is a Science Fiction adventure inspired by his ride to the top of publishing. Instead of Kindle charts, his unnamed narrator is striving to be the first to summit a 60,000 foot mountain on a distant planet. “The Walk…” has made it to #7 on the Kindle Singles chart. Now, let’s see how far our narrator makes it.
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Free SF/F/H Fiction for 10/13/2012

What’s special about today’s free fiction?

  1. An original short story posted on the Gollancz blog: “The Thief-Taker’s Blade” by Stephen Deas
  2. The King of Self Publishing, J.A. Konrath, has a free novel on Kindle: Afraid – A Novel of Terror by Jack Kilborn
  3. I just published my latest short story, from the same universe as my upcoming novel, After The Fires Went Out: “The Bones of Texas City” by Regan Wolfrom


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Beware the Hairy Mango – The Mango You’ve Been Missing!

Hello, my hairy hotdogs! You’ve spent far too many long and lonely nights without the golden Beware the Hairy Mango podcast and I’m here today to give you a taste of what you’ve been missing. Out of the last thirty-five episodes it turns out I had about four good ones, so I’ve wrapped them up bug as a snug and delivered them here to you! Lie down in your chair and ready yourself for the best twenty minutes of your natural life!

WARNING – Filthy Dirty Listening Up Ahead!

But wait! There are three more gems like this after the jump!

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For Doctor Who Fans: Check Out “The Minister of Chance” at IndieGoGo

This came to me by Jules Sherred of the Geeky Pleasures Radio show and I thought it was well worth sharing.

Do you want to help fund a piece of superb science-fiction? Do you want to help create a delicious audiodrama, dripping with sound so luscious it seeps from your ears, creating vibrant images within your brain? Do you want to be a part of and own a little piece of the Doctor Who universe? Of course you do!

Radio Static is currently raising funds to create The Minister of Chance Episode 3: Paludin Fields.

If you are not yet familiar with this brilliantly written and superbly produced audiodrama, The Minister Of Chance takes place in the Doctor Who universe. As described on The Minister’s website:

The Minister of Chance is an audio Science Fiction Fantasy series in the tradition of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop and the best in radiophonics. It’s free, and you get it by subscribing to the podcast.

The Minister, like The Doctor, is a Timelord, first introduced to audiences in the award-winning and record-breaking BBC Doctor Who mini-series Death Comes to Time. He was originally played by Stephen Fry but, as Timelords will, he has now regenerated into Julian Wadham’s more austere and urgent incarnation.

The Minister Of Chance stars a lot of Doctor Who Alumni, including:

  • Sylvester McCoy as The Witch Prime. (7th Doctor)
  • Paul McGann as Durian. (1996 Doctor Who movie/8th Doctor)

For more information or to help fund this SciFi Audio Drama, please visit the Geeky Pleasures website.