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BOOK REVIEW: Endgame: The Calling by James Frey and Nils Johnson-Shelton

REVIEW SUMMARY: Lukewarm plot is window dressing for real life puzzles and games that have been created around this new series.


BRIEF SYNOPSIS: Hunger Games meets alien invasion story pits twelve teenagers against each other in a fight to the death that will save their own civilizations.

PROS: Globe spanning plot; easy to read; fun and very challenging puzzles are embedded into the text.
CONS: Will require more suspension of disbelief that many readers will be willing to give; I was turned off by the teen-against-teen ultraviolence; very light characterization.
BOTTOM LINE: Preteens and teens will probably find this to be an edgy action story, adults will enjoy decrypting the puzzles.

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Hellblazer: Original Sin

This week on the Kirkus Reviews Blog, I take a look at the character of John Constantine in Hellblazer: Original Sins.

From the post:

Created by Alan Moore and Stephen R. Bissette, John Constantine, who first appeared in the pages of The Saga of The Swamp Thing, became the featured character in Hellblazer. A Liverpool native, Constantine is a working-class magician in Thatcher’s Great Britain when the series starts. Hellblazer: Original Sins (978-1401230067) contains issues 1-9 of the original series, plus two stories from the pages of Swamp Thing. In the first story, a childhood friend of Constantine, who dabbles in magic and illegal drugs, accidentally lets loose a demon, Mnemoth, who infects humans with an insatiable hunger. And it’s spreading, growing stronger. To stop it, Constantine will have to travel from Liverpool to Africa, and then to America. He’ll have to enlist the help of a Voodoo Doctor, and avoid the ghosts of his past who literally haunt him to this day.

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BOOK REVIEW: Wolfsbane by Gillian Philip (Rebel Angels, Book 3)

REVIEW SUMMARY: A highly satisfying read, this third (out of four) book in Philip’s Rebel Angels series gets us one step closer to the dissolution of the veil that separates our world from the Sithe world. Meanwhile, Seth is trying to keep his clan safe and his son Rory out of trouble, and not succeeding with either.


PROS: Excellent characterization; well paced plot; Philip’s writing is sure to get an emotional reaction out of the reader as she builds on the previous installments in the series.
CONS: Change in character POVs and jumps between 1st person and 3rd person POV can be jarring; readers new to the series are not advised to leap right in at this volume.
BOTTOM LINE: While much Urban Fantasy hasn’t thrilled me, Philip’s Rebel Angels series easily defines everything I want out of an Urban Fantasy novel. If you’re in need of an UF palate cleanser and enjoy adventures into the Fae realm, this might be just the thing.

For those of you new to this multi-generational urban fantasy series, here’s a very quick and simplified recap of the story so far:

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