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[GUEST POST] Brenda Cooper Interviews Madeline Ashby About Her Fresh Take on the Future (with Robots)

So the last time I posted here (about science fiction books that are useful to read for futurist information), a commenter asked if I’d met Madeline Ashby. I had never heard of her, but since she writes science fiction and does futurist work, I decided I should do some research. I started out buying a copy of her debut novel vN. It’s a page turner that surprises and brings a fresh look to a classic SF topic. In fact I simply sat down and read it – I usually read multiple books at once and pick up / put down regularly, but Madeline got my attention and I just read right through beginning to end.

Not only did I get to hear her read (really well) and to chat with her over tea at the World Fantasy Convention, but I also sent her some interview questions. I liked her answers a lot, and I suspect you might, too:

BRENDA COOPER: Your novel does not bode particularly well for a human future. In real life, how likely do you think it is that humanity will have an excellent future? Regardless of how likely it is, what are a few of the things most important for us to accomplish as a species, perhaps to change?
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