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1960s Batman Hits DVD/BluRay – Am I Too Old to Want This?

I grew up watching reruns of the 1960’s Batman television series starring Adam West, Burt Ward and a host of celebrity villains. The show appealed to me on a superficial level because it had…superheroes! Fights scenes! Evil villains! It was a must-watch every day and it killed me — killed me! — when they ended it on a cliffhanger, like they usually did. How dare they make me tune it to the show tomorrow at the same bat-time on the same bat-channel. Those bastards.
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Tuesday Tune Bonus! Batman and Robin Sing “Orange Colored Sky”

I can only imagine that money must have been tight in Gotham City back in the 1960s for Batman to take a singing gig on a variety show. Or perhaps he was working undercover to bust a ring of rogue off-key villains? Or maybe he lost a bet with the Joker?
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