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REVIEW: Carpe Corpus by Rachel Caine

REVIEW SUMMARY: While Carpe Corpus is the sixth installment in the Morganville Vampire series and I have not read any previous books, the story and characters immediately engaged my attention. While not a superhuman vampire slayer, teenage protagonist and brainiac Claire Danvers helps fill the void left by Buffy Summers.


BRIEF SYNOPSIS: Under the rule of the evil vampire Bishop, the tense peace between vampires and humans in the small college town of Morganiville, Texas, has been broken. An underground resistance is brewing led by the town’s former vampire leader Amelie, but all protagonist Claire Danvers can think of is the fate of her boyfriend Shane, who Bishop holds prisoner. Claire risks everything to rescue Shane from Bishop’s grasp and set the town of Morganville to rights.


PROS: A prolific writer, Rachel Caine easily filled this newbie in on what’s up with Morganville without an infodump even though I had not read the previous five novels in this series. This tightly paced story grabbed my attention right away, and I especially enjoyed both main character Claire Danvers and the enigmatic Myrnin.

CONS: If I had to pick a con for this novel, I’d say Claire’s Goth sidekick Eve seemed a little predictable.

BOTTOM LINE: I read this book in preparation for a fun interview with Rachel Caine for SF Signal in June. I would definitely recommend this novel to other readers interested in reading a Young Adult novel with a Buffy vibe.

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