DC Nation over on CartoonNetwork, continues to add to their slate of DC Comics related shows (Young Justice, Green Lantern) with a new Batman cartoon: Beware The Batman.  Fans of Batman: The Brave and The Bold might not be looking forward to this, but fans of Batman: The Animated Series might have a different take.  Although done in a CGI style that, so far, looks similar to the blocky Green Lantern, Beware The Batman looks to be a more serious take on the caped crusader, which should appeal to fans of the Batman comics and movies.

A teaser trailer has been released – check it out after the jump!

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This is the weirdest one ever.
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VIDEO: DC Nation Shorts Presents: New Teen Titans in: Utility Player

You really don’t want to go into battle with a utility belt loaded with the wrong stuff…
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The Super Best Friends Forever are back, but if Batgirl can’t sneak out of the house, will evil win?
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[Trailer] Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 5

Season 5 of The Clone Wars is coming.

Trailer: Thundercats On Cartoon Network

Thundercats was a Rankin/Bass produced, mid-80s cartoon featuring a cast of feline appearing humanoids. It ran for several years on TV and a feature film of the series is currently in development hell. However, Cartoon Network has tasked Studio 4C (there’s a degree sign in there somewhere that I can’t add) to create a new series, a rebooted Thundercats for the network. This past weekend the trailer for the new series debuted:

What do you think?

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